On the whole insurance, the insurance company does not pay (one)

As a car owner, driving on the road, the most fearful thing is to encounter an accident, and after the accident, the most troublesome thing is to deal with the insurance company, as a layman, ordinary The owner almost never knows how deep the insurance is. The next small series tells you, under what circumstances, even if you have auto insurance, the insurance company will not be responsible for compensation.

In the case of natural disasters, insurance companies do not lose

in the case of most natural disasters Under the car damage, the insurance company is responsible for compensation, but one exception is the earthquake. If you just took the bad luck, the place where you encountered the earthquake, the car was hit again, then this In this case, the insurance company will not compensate.

If this extreme case really occurs, the insurance company will not compensate if you apply for a claim right away, but if it is a few days after the earthquake, someone’s car parked at the wall. The wall collapsed due to loosening in the earthquake and damaged your car. In this case, the car damage has nothing to do with the earthquake, and the insurance company must compensate.

The damage caused by the impact of the items in the car, the insurance company does not lose

In the case of non-accidents, if you cause the car due to sudden braking, etc. Flying, breaking the glass of their own car or causing other damage inside the car, in this case, the insurance company is not responsible for compensation.

Please pay attention to the above statement, the goods in the car hit, the insurance company does not compensate, then if it is not the damage caused by the impact of the goods, the insurance company must compensate, for example: people.

Towing a vehicle or being towed by someone else, the insurance company will not lose it

Remember that Xiaobian just got the driver’s license in the first year, once in the car On the upper shelf of the upper pond, it broke down. After waiting for a long time, I finally stopped an enthusiastic big brother who was willing to tow my vehicle under the elevated. After the high-rise, because of the lack of experience of being towed, the car brake was useless. The small-sized vehicle was about to hit it. It was completely dumbfounded. At the crucial moment, I finally remembered to pull the handbrake. If I hit it, the insurance company would not be responsible for compensation.

Remember, if you are in the process of towing a vehicle or being towed, in this case the insurance company will certainly not compensate, then under what circumstances will the insurance company compensate? If the scene does not seem to be towed, it is a complete rear-end accident, and the insurance company will of course compensate. (Reporter Lu Qian finishing)