Opening Opportunity, Gwaneum-Ri House completed the Studio Studio YEIN to provide modern living in the living environment

Gangneung, South Korea, Gwaneum-Ri House hills are created by Studio Studio YEIN only the legs of the PyeongChang Winter Games in 2018. It is called the Gwaneum-Buddhist Buddha, the house defines the value of local people.

In addition to the Olympic Games, the village is also the home of the fire in the May of May 2017. This has provided the most vulnerable areas of the wet mountains and the difficult weather from the Red Sea. Many of the forests and a large number of homes damaged the fire, including a family of two young people who had a new baby. The family of this home is now rebuilt at the same place as the shelter of their lost home, as a sign of hope.

The smallest room in the wooden house is small but it has many opportunities for modern design. The plan is well-known, but with trim, it leaves the only place that is suitable for a very short fence. The groups are accountable for building a three-dimensional housing that fits well behind the back, leaving the freezing stripes on the yard.

Inside, a small house is divided into two working zones. One is for both people and their daughter to use everyday, and the other is suitable for visitors and family visits, located near the center of the center. Between the two levels are located in a transitional triangle with a special purpose for sharing and linking.

The apple tree is planted in the usual areas, which benefit from the difference between the sides of both sides because the fact that the site is located in a small space. The technologists benefit from the 'naturalization of the earth in other ways. Ramps are built up in front of the home and inland space to make home movements for the elderly's elderly and even themselves in the year ahead.

The right side of the house and the entrance paths are in a good garden. The roof of the garden in the garden, creating a natural appearance and understanding of the eyes. Almost here, the guest room wall has a window to protect the brightness, but it is less than the size of the road to ruin the traffic noise and the hosting guesthouse is unique.

In contrast, the living room has a large window that is well-structured and captivating stunning views on the mice 'house. This window was set up on the corner, calculating the triangle's shape. It is also located in the form of a vestibule between the kitchen and the living room.

In the kitchen, the middle garden is clearly visible. This is specifically designed for couples, favorite items for the garden and cooking, they can enjoy growing flower garden ring they eat together. Their sleeping bag is located at the bottom of the device to stop the noise from the road, but still provide a central garden view.

Between the bedroom and the public space sit on the toilet table and the dressing room. The stairs on the staircase rise in the solar sunlight room, which can be used in a variety of open space depending on family needs. The absence of any of the other rooms in the house reflects their location in the mountainous area, using a medium-sized color palette and detailed sloping designs for the exterior details of the beauty shop.

Photos by Joonhwan Yoon