Oppo is leading Apple, Samsung to compete in the Indian Ocean

Apple and Samsung, the new designers of modern consumer innovations for years, may lose the confidence of Indian consumers to become one of China's. Oppo Mobile India, a local Chinese company in BBK Electronics, looks at the most commonly used mobile phones, such as the CyberMedia Research (CMR).

With the capture of customers, between mid-1990s and mid-2000, the investigation, Oppo has contributed 78 percent. Although Samsung ranked second, 74%, Apple stood third with 71 points.

The result is surprising that it is said at least, with Oppo not showing the highest percentage of customer sales in the country. Although Samsung has now grown from the chart, according to the highest sales volume, the Chinese are known as OnePlus & # 39; It's the second largest player in the 25,000-Rs 50,000 for the low-cost team, followed by Apple.

However, small number of customers said Oppo is constantly focusing on a sophisticated camera and extra batteries. According to Prabhu Ram, a mysterious, CMR, launched Oppo in the early stages of the digital camera, along with Vivo, has made a difference in the modern market in India and helped them to benefit & # 39 to get the user. "Gen Z clearly recognizes Oppo as a new technology provider that provides valuable experience, with modern developmental features, if they are in cameras or batteries," he said.

Charles Wong, president of Oppo India and the president of South Asia, said: "Oppo constantly strives to explain modern smartphone possibilities by producing several & # 39; Firsts & # 39; one the world's most dangerous technologies Since the first world-class technology used in the world's first technology technology (10th Technology Technology), we have been in development of modern technology. "

According to him, since the journey began in India in 2013, the company has been mindful of the mindset of the customer, with the introduction of modernization. It was the first to launch SuperVooc technology in 2018. According to Counterpoint Research, Wong said Oppo is one of the five most modern smartphone companies in India and has increased 28 percent during the first quarter of March.

Apple and Samsung spokesperson have not been commented.

Both names, however, have a lot of creativity on the frontline, experts said. Samsung, has become the highest at the top of the world's fastest-growing speed of sale. they launched the first mobile phone on the Galaxy A9 in November. The phone offers a new wave of rebuilding cameras that are now commonplace among other phones that sell even in the middle.

Sources said it was unfair to consider Apple with comparing high-ranking grade levels. All new iPhones are higher than the Rs 50,000, so new models of the iPhone only are considered where compared to Rs 50,000. "All the progress has been demonstrated in Rs 70,000 above," said an expert.

Working with an internal operating system, IOS, Apple phones is a safe way for any Android device running on the open site. In addition, it manages to provide unprofessional experience for users as they handle both the software and the software.

signs of strong

  • Oppo (with a score of 78%) appeared in the most famous of the world

  • Samsung (74%) and Apple (71%), two of the world's leading players, are in the Chinese player

  • Oppo is constantly focusing on a camera, a powerful battery has won the race while 78% of Genz's consumers consider a crucial camera

  • Recently, Apple has fallen to the top three-Rs 30k, but Samsung is top

  • The Apple iPhone in 2018 has fallen to 1.6-1.7mn in 2018, the lowest since 2014