Organizing “Oxygen Feeding for New Social Organizations”

For the new social organization “Oxygen feeding”

Economic Daily·China Economic Net reporter Yang Xuecong

The new social organization is for social groups and private non-enterprise units General term. In order to do a good job in the party building work of the new social organization, Beijing’s innovative ideas, with the construction of a “hub-type” social organization system as the main line, initially formed a city-, district, and street-level “hub-type” social organization party building work network. There were 10,576 social organizations registered in the city, including 3,547 party organizations and 7,171 party organizations. The coverage rate increased from 21.3% in 2015 to 67%. By promoting the building of the party’s grassroots organizations in the new social organization, Beijing “carrying oxygen to support” and let the “red blood cells” built by the party penetrate into every corner of the new social organization.

“‘Party building in the social field’ is a new concept, mainly including the construction of the party in the social field such as the community, social organizations, and new economic organizations.” Song Guilun, secretary of the Social Work Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee and director of the Municipal Social Affairs Office “Working hard to achieve full coverage of party organizations and party work is the primary goal of strengthening and improving the party building work in Beijing’s social field.”

In recent years, the Beijing Municipal Committee has successively issued the “Opinions of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on Further Strengthening and Improving the Party Building Work in the Social Field”, and issued relevant opinions on strengthening and improving the party building work of non-public enterprises and social organizations. In the “Beijing 13th Five-Year Plan” Social Governance Plan, the chapter “Strengthening the Party’s Construction” was separately set up, and the top-level design and policy system of the “two new” organization party building was gradually improved, and the “two new” organization party of the city was organized. The construction provides institutional guarantees and policy support.

The Beijing Branch Hospital, the first private non-profit general hospital in Tongzhou, Beijing, used the Red Blood Volunteer Service Team full of “Red Power” to maximize the function of “Oxygen Feeding”. The party branch with 46 party members promoted the “red cell in action” party building activities, turned volunteers into “red cells”, entered township streets, and used the hospital’s superior resources to provide free health check more than 2,600 person-times; Respiratory health education and free distribution of anti-fog masks; regular demonstrations of trauma first aid for community residents; 359 performances of “going to the countryside to send health benefits to the people”…

In Beijing, continuous acquisition and transmission The “red blood cells” of positive energy not only exist in private non-enterprise units such as Jingtong Hospital, but also play an increasingly important role in the new social organizations such as law firms and CPA associations.

Beijing Deheng Law Firm, which has more than 1,800 lawyers, is a well-known law firm in the industry. “It is the responsibility of Deheng party lawyers to turn the lawyer industry from a pusher who is considered to be a provoked lawsuit to a harmonious and stable assistant.” Wang Li, secretary of the Party Committee of Deheng, said that the party committee members took the lead and insisted on taking over the case. There are rules for reviewing and handling cases, preventing and controlling public opinion, and not engaging in “public opinion trials.”

Recruitment lawyers are preferred to recruit party members, development partners give priority to party members… Now, 55% of Deheng’s partners and 31% of lawyers are party members, and most of the key positions such as business and risk control are party members. . Persistent party building has enabled Deheng to build a team of lawyers who are principled, pursued, dare to fight, and hard-working.

The Beijing Institute of Certified Public Accountants is an example of building the first party committee of the CPA profession in the country. Founded in June 2001, the Beijing Association of the Communist Party of China has established 146 grassroots party organizations, including 7 grassroots party committees, 5 party general branches, 132 party branches, and 4775 party members.

In order to solve the difficult organization of the organization and promote the full coverage of the party’s organization and work, the Beijing Party Committee has established a grassroots party committee, party general branch and party branch separately for the practice institutions that meet the provisions of the Party Constitution. For the practicing institutions that do not meet the requirements of the number of party members, four joint branches have been established in accordance with the principle of industry and territorial proximity. For the practice agencies without party members, 35 party construction work instructors will be selected from the secretariat of the injection association to help the practicing institutions to carry out party building work. At present, the industry party’s organizational coverage rate has reached 70%, the work coverage rate has reached 100%, and it has been at the forefront of the city’s social organizations.

In order to allow “red blood cells” to infiltrate into every new social organization, Beijing has also purchased social organization service management projects including party building work for five consecutive years; for 300 years, it has purchased 300 service management positions for non-profit organizations. To ensure that large-scale public welfare organizations have full-time personnel to arrest the party. As of the end of 2016, the party building work of Beijing social organizations has basically achieved full coverage.