Parental education, determines the child’s upbringing

A person always has a lot of similarities with his parents. The first teacher whose baby came to this world was his parents. The words and deeds of parents, the character of parents, and the rules of parents’ lives are constantly infiltrated into the children’s mind through long-term deafness.

The child is the mirror of the parents, and the child shows the cultivation of the parents. Education is the most basic moral standard for judging a person.

A person always needs to be educated, whether it is an adult or a child. The education comes from a good door style, and a good door wind needs long-term edification. Tutors, as the name implies, have the words and deeds of their parents and elders, and they are subtle in this family environment.

You don’t have to educate your children, and the world will teach him awkwardly.

Recently, a little boy on the subway broke the circle of friends:

Parent's education, decide the child's education

On the Chengdu Metro Line 2, a little boy and his mother take the subway, halfway An aunt took the baby to the car, and the little boy took the initiative to take the seat. Then, when the mother was resting, she put her head on her mother and helped her mother to pack.

A photo that warms up countless people.

The netizen said: 1. The child’s ability to imitate is very strong, and Dad must be so mother to her. In the family full of love, the child will have love and warm heart.

2. So some parents don’t make excuses for their children’s bears. This is not an age issue. At this time, parents’ education is better. Check out this educated baby!

The shadows that parents project on us are always lingering. This also made the whole family show a lot of commonality. Usually the elders in the family are enthusiastic, and the family members tend to be more enthusiastic: while the elders in the family are mean, the family members’ habits of thinking often approach the mean. It can be seen that parents play a vital role in the child’s growth process, and everything in the parents will become a good or bad role model for the child.

Everyone has a strong desire for a good attitude. We all hope that tomorrow will be better than today, and we hope that our future generations will be better than ourselves. Everything needs to start from now to truly realize development and leap. If the parents just focus on the child, everything that is too perfect for the child is neglected, and it is undoubtedly unfavorable for the child’s growth. Because when you attach a request to someone else, the person who is attached will also attach this request to you. If you ask someone else and you are arrogant, how can you be convincing to ask others?

Do you agree with my point of view?