Paris On Foot: 35 Million, 6 Days and One Literature

Until I was away, I spent a week in Paris. Before you cover it hardly, let me clarify: I'm going all around Paris Every day I started by equipment two men from Sauconys, who take a beautiful breakfast from my hotel near Porte Dorée, bookstore and pocket pants, and the walkway of the left-hand side of the oval-shaped motion a great city.

I visited the Latin Quarter, Marais, or Montparnasse. I jumped from Louvre, Museee and Tower Eiffel. I tried to buy Le Stepope rubbish, eat food Berthillon, or you are going to Seine Bank – though I've cut the foil several times by using unprofitable bridges. All, I was about 35 miles (morning before my journey and Métro measured my estimate of where I was from the day), walking, including the tourist attractions of the camps and sometimes placing the appropriate spaces in the city .

During the six days of unprecedented glasses in May, I saw Paris, the former – the pirates and the work of the labor, the amateurs with the natural aroma and the morning sun, the busy streets – and new prospects I: Agglomeration of large volumes of flats in the main square of Paris in 10 million people.

The journey is like a lark, a free pattern of the city that I spend a lot of time in and out of my sight. But it came out and I ran into a full social movement. In fact, an extensive effort is to reopen the political, social and cultural boundaries of Paris, to destroy what the author of Mira Kamdar, who lives in the Pantin area, called the "unreasonable center and neighborhood, including and removed. "

Anyone who has been frightened at the airport has seen the visual appearance of rigidity: tornado, roadside road & # 39; Boulevard Périphérique, which, in the 1970s, replaced the last Paris model of the 19th century Thiers Wall and was severely criticized for its unpredictability. Périph is located in beautiful City of Light. Outside: is banned, such as neighborhood neighborhoods, housing projects and cheaper shops and social stability. Or they can often appear in the public opinion.

The fact is very difficult, of course. The edges of Paris and the outer walls of the building are very diverse, from many parts of the migration and the restored industries to conquer the leafy leaf. Yes, I met many buildings in the apartment, but many times I found that I tried to walk through a parked garden, along with a restored, recreational or recreational center, from a pedestrian street, a great attraction that might be part of the French rural village village.

Thank you Le Grand Paris – originally, "Greater Paris", which has the same meaning as doubles – has become a slow and growing cause for increasing government officials and activists. It will not be an action to say those who are most enthusiastic about Renaud Charles and Vianney Delourme, founder of websites Enjoy your Paris, pass through the Leicester Fifth Place, "Périph" ("The Pleasure to Remember"). They are also integrated in a booklet, published in English which will be published in 2019, known as "Guide des Grands Parisiens," 208 pages of great enthusiasm for general viewing in France, the state in Paris and its surroundings.

I sent Mr. Charles and Mr. Delourme my trip, and invited me to meet "temporary offices in Paris," which seemed to be a cafe of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis. During one and a half hours, the two-bedroom 40-one journalist, the other filmmaker and TV maker poured me on the unpleasant dimension of Le Grand Paris leaf: the Métro line building outside of the city; a 12-year-old train passenger; the last stop in public transport for public transport; Jean Nouvel-new Paris Philharmonic, which stands for Périph shadow; a wide range of called & # 39; Le Métropole du Grand Paris & # 39; which gave districts outside the big voice of goats; and toward the south. It is not surprising, both men have also made me think of a few tips on the survey.

About this survey: Produced the unpredictable features – all of them easily accessible to Métro or trams of those who are not interested in 35 meters of consciousness – all of us, but hope to find tourist attractions like Paris. To write some of them (I do not have an excuse for your Paris, others to fall): I dreamed that in the forest, had a meeting with the heart of the Louis XVII and listened to a cumbia cake with a large marble factory along with the French IPAs in French I was afraid of some of the most famous and beautiful buildings I've ever seen, I ate a white silk film called spring pea in a gourmet restaurant where the bread comes from a tiny frog, with a soft 1930s, with the absence of any visitor or even (as far as I can) a protector, a lot I found that I did not sit down.

Here is one thing to find out before you try to walk around in the Paris round of the week: The city and love will not be doubtful. On the first day of the week, in the morning I pushed my boulevard Soult from my hotel, from a commercial company, a car insurance company, a boot repair shop and other everyday life in Paris, and after being abducted around Bagnolet, I myself badly felt the need for lunch. So I hit the small town with a lively open space table Laullouse # 19 & # 39; La Pelouse & # 39; After one of the 11-euro, Brouilly and glaze glaze, I got the idea of ​​raising my feet – often going on my journey – not less than apologizing, especially for the human being of dance before me in the corner of a busy Belleville. After that, I pledged to take out my alcohol for the rest of the week. (It's a promise I will fail to keep.)

If special attention comes first, the long run of autumn, which ends before the Pantin sun, along with the recently refurbished Canal de l 'Ourcq – the place of Mr. Mr. Delourme has been referred to more than once "Champs-Élysées of Le Grand Paris" – the Paris-based space in the last century used extensive lab for natural and sometimes construction.

Beyond Boulevards des Maréchaux, the lower ring in the highways marked by the majority of the guest rooms in Paris, the buildings of the Haussman-era buildings provide anxiety for the shape and history, from orange-lick HBMs (" Habitations à Bon Marché) was built near the city of 1920s and 30s as low-rent houses – are no longer able to – succeed in their mayor, major project HLMs ("Habitations à Loyer Modéré"). . This means that if you do not like the best leaf of the building and the city of Le Corbusier's plan, whose Leviticistic views are happening in the outside of Paris as in the previous spirits. (On behalf of Le Corbusier, I would have been on the fourth day of my journey home and studio in western areas; the building is very high human. Quantity.)

I have to point out that I'm full of tracks every minute of the memory. In fact, if we had to diminish the problem, Day 3 was so beautiful: they were a frustrating place in the dangerous streets of north-west areas as I was planning to go, with the Thank you for a list of specific selections based on the visual trajectory of Google Maps on my phone. The journey of that day was overwhelmed, in the late afternoon of La Défense, the mirror mirror mirror rose up and down. Sincerely, I came across Métro and hit Line 1 in almost all its length, west and east, in general in central Paris to return to my hotel. Where, I had dinner in a cafe with a cafe, my bed was broken, and I slept on the TV.

In contrast, the next day – and another long ride on Line 1, in this east and west, has returned to the La Défense Terminal – it has brought a lot of pleasure and comfort. The major parties: Bois de Boulogne. What is the 2,000 acres of the city's greenhouse and congestion is, around the surrounding area of ​​the Australian car.

And what feels traumatic is to come out of these trees Fondation Louis Vuitton. The Frank Gehry Museum of Art, which was completed in 2014, valued at $ 900 million, is from the natural flats as a beautiful hotel. With a 14-euro ticket, I've put in a number of white rooms that work in the modern artistic work of the subject, to quote a book, "refer to the current article About the human site of the universe "My favorite part of the museum, which I found both the vision and the sanity of the mind, ended up being the roof of the ceiling, where I looked over the gates of beautiful goggles and charcoal in Bois de Boulogne in the sea, Eifel Tower and La Défense, which has come from this vantage A point is like the entire universe of Houston.

Fondation Vuitton has risen, in fact, the French media, as a sign of an outbound French outreach, such as Philharmonie de Paris, in the famous city of the city in 2015. , after returning to my hotel to smash the Sautelys so that I would turn my mind to both of these new ideas, I must cross the boots, I saw Paris Orchestra. Parc de la Villette, Creating Jean Nouvel is cutting off the strategic silhouette: a negative mix of intimidation and rioting across multiple floors of the bird's nest as riding the orchestra hall itself. All the devices create a sense of consciousness as many famous people, and the tastes of the tastes are going to persuade the base station to the entrance to the door.

With the recommendation of increasing your children in Paris, after leaving Bois de Boulogne I found the La Table de Cybèle, a café in a quiet street in the boulogne-Billancourt neighborhood. It was here that my glasses of wine came to an end last weekend, called Lirac, which was posted on a word-of-mouth server, which would easily pose a threat to the North American ship, when exclusively from the French word. The diet – as part of a tiny bit of bread – has come up and compared the visitors, the US customers. This means, taking into account the reality was From North California, they moved to the neighborhoods of Paris a few years ago.

A little north and east, just inside the Périph river near the river, we emphasize a croissant road, with a wide range of strategic mirrors that are often written down. In the connection, I met with a central voice called Benoit Maître – a.k.a Ben Spizz – who showed me around the art of the arts, Le Lavo // matic, which sells music, T-shirts, LPs, and the arts, and, in general, deals with the East Village feeling of the 1980s, with the exception of where it is clean.

The river watered around the fence, which was less than a mile from Left Bank to Midig in the Pont National National, and then crossed the SNCF highway window and it seemed to be a residential area With & # 39; – fill the tents and cook the fire, a look and return to Atget photographs of Roma – and, finally, on the side of Porte Dorée and my hotel.

On that night, finally, my journey, I decided to return Métro back to the eastern city of Montreuil, and I heard the explanation, better or worse, "Brooklyn of Paris." the first day and did not feel any more than the joints and drugs. Now, when I came out of Métro, the neighborhood seemed to have changed: Public caretaker behind the city was accompanied by a few families, many of them walked into a light bulb set up on the bulbs The holiday season is like a fishing rod.

Some outdoor playgrounds were La Marbrerie, the marble factory-turned-music & # 39; place where the Parisian friend recommended. The Cambia team was very large and a few dozen people, between the ages of 20 and 60, were playing the kind of unhappy tradition that is usually associated with weddings.

After two communities, the weekly tragedy of the trains began to feel me as I climbed into my feet. So I returned to the hotel room. When the driver facilitated Périph, who had been well-versed in the next hour, I thought the big road, and I walked many times in my walking, not to feel too much of a challenge.

DAVID McANINCH is the author of "Duck Season: Eating, Drinking and Other Problems in Gascoon, The Best French In The Best."