Pavilion House Respect Irene Goldberg + Pitsou Kedem Architects

It is located in Tel Aviv-Yaso, Israel, Irene Goldberg + Pitsou Kedem Architects, an open-air home and is a beautifully-arranged house with natural relaxation rooms with indoors for the maze and nature.

This is a large, single flat sitting area slightly above the ground. This will make space on the ground, and look at everything in the same way as "tents", according to charcoal. The concrete furnace is made in metal sheds and these are the most important things to build. However, avoiding huge loss of search, however, the house is sunny and full of breeze with lots of large windows in the walls and "ribbon windows" on the leaf, which makes the ceiling seem to look rather than appear to be heavy.

Perhaps the most important part of the house is the natural light of the entrance to big rooms through a straight porch built in the heart of the house. This section is completely open to the sky and the snow. The surrounding areas consist of glass doors that can be fully open, providing plenty of air and natural sunshine even at low levels.

To cut off the various areas of the home to effectively and safeguard the inspection totally In the open concept, the designers constructed four cylinders, concrete walls to form the outside of the house. This corresponds to all the naturally natural light and feels like a separate room on the inside of the house near the pool. For visual interest, the walls are covered with a layer of face animal covered a little bit, how high up the wall to create.

Inside, pet, mirror, and mirror mirrors match the wooden and elaborate textures that suit the lightening of the natural light, and balance the modern sense. Of course, the most popular part of the house is the pool, which is visible on all sides of the floors, on the swimming pool looks like they feel fine in the air.

Photos: Amit Geron