Pet hair care

There are more and more people now raising pets. From the aesthetic point of view, the most beautiful thing about a pet is its hair. In the process of feeding, because of the lack of understanding of pets, it is often not good for the maintenance of pet hair, and even caused artificial damage to pet hair.

Today we are talking about the more long-haired & curly-type dogs that everyone raises. The cost of hair care for these dogs is relatively high and requires sufficient time and effort. Before you raise such a pet, measure whether you have enough time before you decide.

Pet Hair Care

The characteristics of long-haired dogs are:

1, with full body coverage and long hair, and sagging characteristics, usually considered not to remove hair.

2, care to keep the long hairs in a natural shape, rarely trimmed. Pet owners often take care of the hair slightly.

3. If you don’t comb it regularly, long hairs are easy to tie together. If they are not properly treated, the tangled hair will be removed, so the pet owner should start to care for them.

4. If there is a lack of care, the dog’s skin is likely to become red or swollen due to lack of air circulation.

When raising long-haired dogs Always pay attention to the skin condition, a little careless, it is easy to make skin disease. The treatment of pet skin diseases is very tough. In the summer, fleas, mites, and mites are also more likely to be parasitic on long-haired dogs. The pet medical industry has developed rapidly in the past ten years and has already had medical products that respond to such situations. When we consulted the doctor at the Kee Pet Hospital, we suggested that we can use some shower gels with skin disease prevention. There are many kinds of such products on the market in vitro for the use of body-external parasites every month.

Pet Hair Care

Pet Hair Care

The characteristics of long-haired dogs are:

1. The body is covered with soft, curly, wavy hair, which is generally considered not to be depilated.

2. If you don’t comb it regularly, the hair is easy to knot together, at least 3 times a week, or the hair is trimmed very short.

3, in order to make hair healthy and easy to care, regular bathing and pruning.

These dogs often go to the pet shop to take a bath and cut hair. What I need to emphasize here is that some pet shops are very cheap to bathe pets, so be careful. The human hair damage of the pets occurs on the body wash. When choosing a bath, be sure to choose some functional, low-foaming, moisturizing and supple body lotions. The bath with a lot of foam and a particularly pungent smell is often added with too much foaming agent and essence. Try to choose a low-foaming, shower gel containing evening primrose oil.

In daily life. We also need to pay attention to the daily addition of some nutritional supplements to the dog food, such as r-linolenic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamin C, E, B6, B5. This also allows you to nurse your skin with food and make your hair look beautiful.