Pets are sensitive to the seasons, and care is awkward!

When the weather changes, the skin of the cats and dogs at home becomes very sensitive. It is not red, or it is eczema. I have a good heartache. How to maintain the sensitive skin of the pet?

Pizzy season sensitive skin, care is awkward!

How to care in daily life?

● Keep away from pathogens

Pet’s living environment should be disinfected regularly, strengthen management, avoid contact with sick cats and dogs, and find pets Skin diseases should be treated in isolation.

● Timely check

When you bathe or comb your dog, use your hands to touch the pet’s body and feel the scars and protrusions. Classes, once there is an abnormality, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis and treatment in time.

● Take a regular bath and pay attention to it.

Be sure to take care of your pet’s body, take a regular bath, and use a pet-specific bath. Bathing must be carefully dried, especially in the joints between the underarms, claws and fingers. Excessive moisture is a hotbed of mold and fungus.

● Healthy diet balance

Select nutrient-rich dog food or cat food, try to avoid feeding a single food, and pay attention to supplement various vitamins and minerals. Substances and trace elements to enhance pet resistance.

● Frequent sun exposure

The ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill a certain amount of mold, so always take your pet to the sun, of course, pay attention Don’t get sunburned.

How to treat skin diseases?

The types of skin diseases are complex and easy to mix infections. Even the most professional pet doctors can’t take a look at what kind of skin disease your baby has. It is best to go to the hospital. A related skin test, after the diagnosis, it is better to prescribe the right medicine.

The treatment of different skin diseases is similar. Here, fungal skin disease is taken as an example.

●Handling the affected area

Clear the area with fungus, wash off the dandruff and suede, and shave the affected area (if the whole body is large) Infection can be considered for whole body shaving), which can help the penetration of the drug solution and prevent the spread.

●Cautious medication

Applicable to the external application, the coating is slightly larger, which can inhibit the spread of fungi. If a pet has chronic severe skin disease, he or she needs to take the drug at the same time.

●Environmental disinfection

Don’t forget to disinfect your pet’s living environment, pay attention to public health, prevent pets to people and people To the spread of pets.

Pizzy season sensitive skin, care is awkward!

Pet’s dermatophytosis is relatively stubborn. The treatment period is longer. The owner must have patience and confidence. Don’t worry, be careful not to “speed up!”

Pizzy season sensitive skin, care is awkward!