PH José Mármol House was designed by Estudio Yama with zen ideas and stability of its foundations

Outside Boedo in Argentina, Estudio Yama's creative design teams recently completed renovations and renovations of a PH-designed house called Jos Jos Mármol House.

In the cities around the area, a unique style and style of home is traditionally the norm in Argentine culture. This is the "casa chorizo" found mainly in Boedo, but in some parts of the country. It is even a landmark of Buenos Aires, which was one of the earliest places to house this structure. This is the structure and structure of the PH José Mármol House originally born before the renovation.

The casa chorizo ​​model is one that most modern home measurements compete with. Residents no longer have to care about this type of home, which was abandoned in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, can be predicted, with interconnected rooms but also missing sunlight and air. .

Moving from the & # 39; casa chorizo ​​layout & # 39; was one of the things that triggered the owner's desire for change. In fact, like many of these old homes throughout Boedo, this one actually went through two different repairs; looga to make it better to the needs of a small family and to looga change, to appropriate, structurally, and the environment.

Previously, the first point of this transformation project was actually much easier and more specific. The owners often wanted the design team to look for and convert or create a space within the home to build a new yoga studio. They wanted a home studio where the occupants could relax themselves and the owner could even teach them some classes.

When the designers saw and analyzed the planet, however, they soon saw complete renovation and remodeling of the opportunity they wanted to take, so they made a much bigger proposal than the original plan. of owners. At risk, the designers submitted the idea of ​​changes that could change the entire look and function of the home thanks to a number of strategic changes.

First, the designers set up their outdoor courtyard spaces. The simple remodeling of this space has enabled them to develop and open rooms in the vicinity, creating a convenient flow of room to the outside, as well as breaking many of the barriers between interior and exterior spaces. These changes prevent a darker, more formal and casual version of the casa chorizo ​​we told you about earlier.

In the middle of the house, a yoga studio was designed and installed, but the designers in no way wanted to limit it to being a single-use space. Instead, the yoga studio has designed it as a cozy living room with plenty of purpose with natural light filled, welcoming atmosphere, efficient temperature control, and good amount. The floors to the ceiling walls invite sunlight throughout the day, but windows can be covered with privacy or shade due to the micro-overforated blinds.

The house has also got some decoration and decoration as well, while keeping the theme of light up and making it feel watery and spacious. After the space came together physically, the rooms were also made to feel cohesive using the traditional natural materials and intermediate colors throughout the home. Some layout features have been incorporated into something like a talking tile and beds to keep things interesting, but the whole new system is new and very stable.

Photos by Javier Augustin Rojas