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Summer is often the best time of year to travel. We have all had more time, more energy, and the atmosphere that cannot be beat! Friday's summer job makes it easy to take these quick routes for the week, be it on a coastal road trip, or out of town.

After all the sweat and sunshine, filling your backpack for a summer holiday weekend has never been easier. Liquid liquid restrictions (100ml ugh) are a disappointment for those of us who need sun, but there are many things still worth packing for your summer trips.

Packaged for summer travel

5 things to pack for summer travel


Yep, sunglasses are the first thing you need for a summer trip. They are the ones I break most of the time so I always have several suitcases. I started to protect the sunglasses as well because it protects the straps.

list of summer sunglasses

Where to buy: I have found a great collection of sunglasses, these for free from a variety of prestigious parties, to the cheap ones I picked up at convenience stores and stores. Recently, I gifted a pair of sunglasses SmartBuyGlasses.com. Personally, I like a simple body from a genre Ralph Lauren or Ray Ban.

summer fragrance cologne


Summer is usually hot, and with hot temperatures (and an increasing number of heat waves), that means sweating. Having a good deodorant helps, but it is also wise to wear a fragrance or glue for your summer trip.

A quick version before moving on in the evening is an easy way to cover your odor, or simply get dressed.

Where to buy: I got a lot of perfumes from this season, and I really like to mix them. A new kind of gender neutrality that comes from it KIERIN NYC were particularly pleased as their series contained fragrances that could be used for a variety of purposes.

The Month of Honor, Kenneth Cole also released a series of fragrances for men that can also be adapted depending on their personal taste (or smell). I really like it Versace Eros fragrance.

kiehl moisturizer


Yes, always wear sunscreen. But don’t forget wet stuff too! Summer sun (and heat) in particular can be sensitive to sensitive skin. As it is important to keep the water warm, it is important to make sure your skin is well.

Where to buy: I used several different creams. And I always have one extra on my screen bag so I make sure I never forget when traveling! Last month, the beauty brand Kiehl & # 39; s launched Da & # 39; s & # 39; Gel Moisturizer – lightweight, tough, lifts and anti-men's anti-mening medicine. It is really easy to use.

I also used facial cream The Beauty of Good Science which is especially noticeable on the skin. It uses technology called & # 39; Silicon + Good & # 39; which ensures that the ingredients get where they need to be.

India Post Cards - Human Travels


What’s a travel blog if you don’t have a way to share it ?! Anyone who follows my story knows I love a good postcard, and sending it is a fun and easy way to communicate with your loved ones. (Or I think you can also send the ones you don't like.)

Where to buy: Even though we live in a world where paper is growing, postcards are still available everywhere. Luxury hotels tend to leave their guest rooms to use as their directives, and sometimes restaurants even keep them, or you will find posters at the back of bars and shopping centers in the series.

But if you don't feel like you're hunting one and want to use your photos to send them to the real world, MyPostcard.com it is easy and cheap. You can send postcards for as little as $ 1.99 anywhere in the world!

Guideomaggi shoes

Good shoes

Traveling in the summer is everything, but you still have to make sure you have summer style! If you are hiking or out on the beach, a good pair of shoes will make or break the trip.

I don't buy shoes as much as I need to, but I always make sure I have a pair of dress shoes, high quality high school (beach only), and a couple pairs of Clothes in my closet.

brooklyn summer

Where to buy: I am a fan of all types of edible clothing such as Adidas, Converse, and VANS, but since I have discovered Italian shoes at Guidomaggi, I have always had flat shoes. In Italian handicrafts, they are all high-heeled shoes anywhere from 2 ″ inches to 6 ″ wide. I love the way the shoes make me feel the extra height and the Italian style really just throws it. I got two of their sneakers and I like to wear clubs.

Preparing for a summer trip is not always easy, but I always come up with the essentials. What else do you make sure you get it?

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