Pictures from LGBTQ Pride on New Hope Celebrates

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We were not lucky to return to the New Hope-short, hourly hour from Philadelphia on the first road, and then in the woods. Green tips, on top of the mountains, and blue water in the two sides of our priorities.

Nestled in the middle between Philadelphia and New York City, New Hope is a very big city with all the signs in most New England cities. All Asian signs. A Main Street with local shops, restaurants, dining, restaurants, and even theaters.

But on Saturday, the city was still alive and active. The flag of the animal is hit by the road. The New Hope-based bridge in Bucks County, PA to Lambertville (New Jersey) closed the traffic. New Hope, the largest state-owned LGBTQ celebration, took away two cities.

The pride of the lion started Lambertville shortly after noon on the New Hope bridge, before turning to the New Hope Main Street. A peaceful park at the end of the honorable invitation took over a small park with many LGBT shops and activists. There was no dump droppings!

Many of the bars and restaurants in both towns are on the way to the entrance. A friendly and friendly atmosphere of friendship, it was very exciting to see many fans and their allies on that day. Even with a position such as gossipers, it does not stop everyone getting a good time.

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  • New Hope Celebrates occurs in mid-May
  • From Lambertville and the end of the New Hope, it is possible to only benefit from the state border
  • Activities occur all week with reflections of exercise drawings, party events, and other
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Photos from a day trip to New Hope, PA for the LGBTQ anniversary