PKL: Gujarat to defeat Delhi

Gujarat Fortunegiants continued their victory after 45-38 defeat at Dabangir KC KC in the sixth round of the Pro Kabaddi Sunday.

Delhi and Chandran Ranjit and Naveen Kumar have tried their best to influence the game by taking 11 and 8 points, however, they have lowered two experienced players including Ravinder Pahal and Captain Joginder Narwal, who collected three points for them.

Also Gujarat Dang Geon Lee, presented on Sunday, has been hit by Delhi for 10 10, while Rohit Gulia has collected seven points.
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Gujarat started the game by handing Rohit in Vishal in the first game. They continued to lead Delhi as Rohit took a great deal of attacks on a valuable point and a pointless score for Vishal and Yogesh Hooda to finish 5-1 in the third minute.
Gujarat again hit Delhi in the 6th minute to take 11-3.

It looks like Delhi has moved to the other side, but has received a strong hope of Naveen and Ranjit, who managed direct points on Gujarat.

The first half ended with Gujarat leading 9 points from 27-38.

In the second minute, Delhi had a good attitude to get the Guatemala defense weakening Parvesh and Sunil's accession by 23 to 20-29. After that, Gujarat had received extra support when Naveen entered the center without touching while Sachin came out of the table.

Rohit Gulia also gave soft spots to Delhi trying to persuade him regularly.

Parvesh Bhainswal got the first goal of the match with Ranjit giving Gujarat 24-36 in the 27th minute.

Delhi tried to restart with Gujarat as Ranjit fired Parvesh and Sachin in the 30th minute to lower the lead in 7 points.

Lee has made it difficult for Delhi to move quickly and quickly with Ravinder to make a mistake. In the 36th minute, Ruturaj Koravi struck Ranjit for both injuries.

In the 37th minute, Hai Hesh hit the ball home to Sachin Vittala with Guarra scoring a 44-38 lead.

Gujarat made sure they won the competition with a slight slowdown, which was won by 45-38.