Politicians can show their support for farming – located in a privately owned area

Matt Rosendale has problems with public space. John Tester, the Democratic Party's hard-line party, has always been central to the sale or transfer of state-owned local governments.

"There is no constitutional referendum to the federal government to have national parks or landmines," Rosendale said during the party conference in 2014, when he opposed Ryan Zinke's current Secretary-General. "For a long time I was in the record of the transfer of land to the federal state of the state."

Nonetheless, in the public areas, however, large-scale support for the Horn of Africa – 81 percent of five western state voters have public, agricultural, and wildlife issues that are crucial to the decision of casting votes according to recent polling station at the Western Center of Excellence – that is especially here in Montana. There are more than 27 million hectares of public land in Montana – almost 30 percent of government ships – and Montanian – have fiercely opposed the idea of ​​land, Missoulian inform

Now it is Rosendale to compete for the Senate in the Great Blue Sky region, which has already attracted his country, and has been confident Montanlia has "spoken to all the people in the region "I do not want to be alone, I agree, I agree."

Rosendale not only ways of attracting public issues, but not the only one that appears to be sustainable ways looga protect public lands, at least when it comes to specific policies, after the change. Senator Steve Daines, based on the Montana based Senator, who campaigned for the 2014 launch of the territorial disputes, felt he had been remarkably keen to return home when he voted in 2015 to build up resources to control income from land acquisition, or exchange, according to Billings Gazette. The editorial board of the Billings Gazette, who previously welcomed Daines, feels fraudulent: "We supported him because of his ability to defeat his party with this important issue of Montana, but Washington, DC, , the policy must be very much in its political agenda to prevent it. "

Daines have rarely missed the opportunity to repatriate his rebels to transfer the land since this year. Representatives of the Federal Republic of Montana, met with the European Union's special representative to Montana, met with a strong criticism during the 2005 rally of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Farms to eliminate Bozeman River part of the East Wales River Billings Gazette Information While Gianforte insisted on the possibility of just preventing the cyclone, the public saw a variety of ways, using millions of people to aim for a safer water tourism. Gianforte is the latest support for Rosebud Creek protection in Montana through the Wild and Scenic Rivers Symbols, which has been sponsored by Senator Daines and Senator Tester-this year, to help keep the East Snowboard Snow Emergency. Both Gianforte and Daines also joined the Tester this year to support the 30,000 hectares of the Forestry Forest Service in the Yellowstone National Park, which came from the right to a future mansion for rent.

These initiatives can be used for the human populations because of their strength, which is a good thing. Both sides of the outside and beyond Montana, both politicians have been praising how it is going to be a public land. Montana delegation, including Mike Simpson and Senator Jim Risch from Idaho, both Republicans, who have worked in the recent years to design a new green; Senators Martin Heinrich and Stuart Udall of New Mexico, both Democrats; Senator Dean Heller of Nevada, Jamhuriya; Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington, Democratic; and Senator Richard Burr, a Republican North Carolina, who was a strategic force for resettlement of Earth and Water Funds. These politicians can work on the frontlines to promote the policies of governments in opposing territories to demonstrate the major changes in the country's public interest in political dialogue, despite recurring attacks.

Like Rosendale, he is still in harmonious ways of dealing with the damage, and part of the process photographed the twitter on October 20, the opening day of the leafy and elk '# 39; , called "Beautiful Day Enjoying the Public Domain and Poetry @SteveDaines." One of the pictures, Rosendale stands for Senator Daines, grew up in Bozeman. On the other hand, Rosendale is the only one in the garage, with a frozen clothes, half-carts, gloves and skins, and a bangle knife, the wooden shoulders shoulder. Behind behind him, the swimmers get out of the right-hand corner, the ATV tracks down behind the right hand. Snow 10.030 The surface of the Steamboat Mountain is visible on a high level horizon. At the Rosendale campaign campaign with Senator Lindsey Graham, Daines told the story of rape. "It was very beautiful, there were no staff present with us, only Matt and I, just two Montana wood blades on the shoulders, knees, red of course, based on the territory of the day." to listen to the audience to ask if they have something. "We were not, it was warm," said Daines. "Then we went to the public, right? That's what we did on that day, if we would not let it ride on a private land, we would have elk … That's the truth!" Matt argued at the cars, he saw but it was a special land. We can not handle the bull. We were looking for a sunset and in the public space on that day. "

The problem was, it was not in the picturesque terrain-at least Rosendale was not his only photo, which means Daines, which could have been taken out of the picture. They were on a special land, not just a special land.

The high-profile site was one of the assets of Robert E. Smith III, founder of the company Sinclair Broadcast Group, a press journalist who is investigating a large amount of billions of dollars Wire) and to force the pro-Trump program on dissemination of information, New Yorker said. In some cases, Sinclair even forced them to study the articles prepared by the company office.

There is nothing financial between Daines or Rosendale and Smith, but family members Smith has donated $ 12,800 of the Greg Gianforte Republic since the beginning of 2017, according to the FEC. It did not take long for the Montana to be called Daines and Rosendale when they were fraudulent. To protect them in their honeycombs, many fleeing Montana are careful not to dip the favorite dot pictures that include deaths such as mountain hills, and photocopies of images Rosendale hunting shows why. Residents easily recognized Steamboat Mountain, then used Google Earth and Montana to find out that Daines and Rosendale were authentic in the Coastal area of ​​Smith. That is Daines and Rosendale they have chosen to call a private landlord to mobilize the public image of the cartoonist to local local communities. Can you walk 30 minutes in any direction from Bozeman to see you in the US Department of Agriculture (US Forest Service) why the hour left to stand up for the private land?

I am an interpreter of a land, and I live in Livingston, about half an hour north of the Red Sea. A few days after a friend sent me a letter to Rosendale on October 20, I decided to raise the next public spaces where Daines and Rosendale took their pictures to see if I could persuade the viewer public space. With my partner, Alexis Bonogofsky and I stuck in our envelope, we were on the influence of the wind blows from the Gardening and Point of Rocks Bags up to 7,600. There was a wild wildlife and there was a new snowfall layer on the ground. It was a cold, but at the time we finished about twice the size of our weigh, about 800 overhead instead of ours, both of us lowered the basic layer, deep breathing and sweating. This was the first indication of the same image of politicians. Daines said: "It's hot" on the opening day, yet they have won the same hole without breaking the sweat, and wearing heavy clothes. However, they went there, it seemed that they did not go. Alexis and I hit wherever possible and seemed to seem to see the image seen in the pictures, but we can not do it. We restored, some of them had to stand in a tall building above the tree of the tree just a few steps from the four-sided Rocks Rocks, which really made the boats in Rosendale left picture.

Next day, I reached Daines' staff, and worked with me several times, to ask for clarification. Although they send two more times and call Daines Staffer directly, I still have not found a description. On Friday, I spent six hours in Whitefish, northwest Montana, where Rosendale was scheduled to take part in the Senate Senator Mike Lee, a national of the country. I plan to ask Rosendale directly to the pictures, but never had chance – Lee and Lee ran away from the room without asking questions after discussing a total of eight minutes. None of them are publicly declared in public. I followed Polson, where they gave another group of ten minutes to pep talk to senior citizens of the Lake County office. After the conversations, Rosendale hands up and chatted with the fans, I waited patiently for an opportunity to ask questions & questions: Where did he appear directly in the picture, how did he come in? He did not see me sleeping for a car.

Voters are concerned about the land of the country, and there are many concerns over the painting of Rosendale. At present, the National Audit Department, Rosendale has had an extensive opportunity to demonstrate its support for the promotion of public opportunities and public entertainment opportunities-but opposed. One of five members of the Committee on Land Survey, departed out of his way to stop and postpone land acquisition and purchase protection features. Last year, he made a voyage of buying Keogh's flats between Bozeman and Butte in the future to block the development of the future environment and provide a more secure security than the annual mileage, according to Montana Standard. This year, he confronted Horse Creek Ereeb, providing a 15,000 acres of basic camel camels in central Montana. Rosendale said he had been released for $ 6.1 million, Independent Registrations reports – providing federal funds and licensing and fishing licenses through a project known as Habitat Montana, which is therefore a medium-sized state-but the defenders know the issue that Rosendale's opposition was.

Bullock chairman, who has previously been a lawyer of Montana, the only democratically-elected councilor, has already stepped up and bought a commission to raise the commission, according to the commission Independent Registrations, the Commission's consideration for the purchase of articles has always been respectful rather than legal requirements. "They were actually trying to kill Habitat Montana and trying to kill Horse Creek's critics," said the sources close to the talks and did not request to be named. "It was the biggest thing I've seen Bullock as a president."

Following the Rosendale land commission, he chooses to block his campaigns surrounded by temporary individuals who oppose the farm, which means opposing the claim of rehabilitation. Mike Lee, followed by Rosendale in northwestern Montana last week, is the popular girl who opposed the Sagebrush-based activist movement attempted and sometimes struck west of all the places since the 1970s, since 1990, and again was surprised when the Bundy tribe emerged. According to his repeated attempts to sell public space, Lee urged this law to destroy the Code of Conduct, which President Theodore Roosevelt, a Jamhuri, signed by law, aimed at protecting the public space against the industry, News Deseret Reports Even after Trump 's Bears and Grand Staircase-Escalante Monuments in Utah earlier in the year-when they urged members of the Utah Utah, including Mike Lee, Senator Orrin Hatch, and Congressman Rob Bishop-Antiquities The law is still the most popular instrument for protecting the president. Lee's law will make it hard for his presidents to approve the approval of the governors, governors, and the council to nominate or extend national buildings, which provide the Code of Conduct in a transparent manner.

In addition to Lee, Rosendale visited Montana many days in October along with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, as well as advocating for transfer of land. "I would sell or convert the management of all land to the government," Paul told Nevada's listeners, including the closure of the Clither Bundy Church in 2015. Bundy has already mentioned the time it would have been charged $ 1,000,000 unpaid revenue and penalties and collection of armed militias opposed to Land Management Officers, but that did not stop Paul from meeting privately with Bundy and his family at night, Paul's staff later sought to refuse . In so doing, Rosendale was proud of the confidence of Senator Ted Cruz. (Cruz and Rosendale share a consulting firm, Axiom Strategies, which Rosendale paid over $ 205,000.) As Rand Paul, Cruz is a true supporter of Bundy who has attacked Trump during the presidency of president 2016 before opposing his opponents. "We believe that we will transfer a large number of federal lands to return to governments and return to the people," Cruz said.

In Missoula, the final stop for Rosendale-Lee Tour, I was waiting for a cooler hope that the communications director at Rosendale, Shane Scanlon, would continue to speak with respect. He opened his door to the door twice, but when I called, he refused to hear me and shut the door. The three events have been dramatic. Missoula, I counted 25 people through the windows of the Community Community. It was the youngest of the three distant events, but the crowd is the exact word. At least five of the people in the room were provided with campaigners and volunteers.

Staying at Missoula's house, I learned from Point of Rocks Ranch's manager Matt Lumley, a whirlpool and pacifier working on the Montana Trappers Association. "It may be the best jackpot of the MT," the statement said. Lumley has been accused of critically endangering claims that he tried to evict a local government in a wider spectrum of wildlife exploitation, which has a population, advantage & # 39; for the state of wealthy & landlords; Lumley also happens to have the winner of the Utah's Big Game Forever & # 39; which makes it so frustrating the feeling. BGF supported Daines & Gianforte's efforts to control preservation of about half a million acres of education sites in Montana, rather than Great news. A non-profit based Bountiful, Utah, BGF is a group of Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, founded by Republican Don Don Peay, currently in the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Sports Promotion Zinke. The BGF has been involved in the controversy over many years of constant contact with the legislature of the Republic of Tajikistan in the Republic of Jamah, which has allocated millions to invest in the efforts of Wildlife Societies, without any information on how to use the funds, such as Salt Lake Tribune. Lumley works for Montana-Wyoming County Governor BGF, one of four places suitable for the club's official website. His wife, Nicole, also has a relationship with Jamhuri politics. It seems that Changes to the Second Amendment of the Bill Greg Gianforte is currently running in Montana Television. It took me a while to get the Lumley number, but eventually I was able to reach Sunday. Did he know about Daines and Rosendale hunting on the shoreline, I asked? In fact, he did.

Lumley has confirmed that he has authorized Daines and Rosendale to use ATV on the property of the Point of Rocks to the cave where they embarked on photographs, and then gave them a trip to the animal as they "saw a lot." However, he insisted that Rosendale and Daines did not have permission to hunt for the branch, just to use ATV to go public space. "I can confirm that they have left public space," he said. Daines and Rosendale were alone, only two, "said Lumley. And then take the pictures? I asked. "I think they have time to have their phones and they have made a difference," said Lumley, who seems unwanted to have all the immunizations collected from several worms. I asked Lumley, who said he would hit it every day, if he ever took Daines or Rosendale. He said he never jajabinin Rosendale, but, he said, "Senator Daines has settled down with foogay a little bit." (Intelligent Iran told me that Donald Trump, Jr., who also went to the Point of Rocks Ranch Lumley, said he did not think Daines and Rosendale used ATV's search was a great deal. Trail also uses the Point of Rocks because there is a constant congestion, he said.

"But all people can not use ATV to go to the top, right?" I asked. Lumley is going from the # 39; "If I call and ask for permission, will you allow me to use ATV so high?"

"No," said Lumley, "I must say, no."