Popular drink 80 after the fresh tea investment

popularity Drink 80 After the fresh tea investment and entrepreneurial first choice

80 after the fresh tea, Subvert your perception of traditional drinks

Many people are used to eating a drink with a drink, or after a meal, the drink is used to “thirst quenching thirst”. The taste of “water”, compared with dairy products, the variety of drinks, and the choice of “drinks” will increase, but some surveys show that consumers have a certain “crowd” awareness “Deviation”, or their traditional cognitive “drinks”, only stay on the surface.

Drinks are tasteful “water”?

In many consumers’ traditional concepts, there are many kinds of drinks, but they only choose the taste they like. For example, TA doesn’t like sour or doesn’t like too sweet. When you choose it, you will avoid the feeling of acidity, or add some sugar, but the real drink is not so defined. After 80, fresh tea, each tea, fruit, cheese, milk, etc. are mixed into a drink. There is a certain proportion, there is a certain proportion, so in addition to taste, more is the perfect proportion of human health, which also more cater to people’s consumption philosophy;

bright color Conflict with health?

Tea shops in the mall and street shops in the university town can be seen everywhere. Some people think that brightly colored teas must have added brighteners or jam blends. This kind of cognition has stopped many consumers who are keen on tea. In fact, the fruit tea of ​​the 80-year-old tea is used as a new way of drinking tea, pure fruit juice, and rich fruit that can be seen. Colourful fruits can also play with new tea patterns, fresh colors + healthy nutrition of fresh fruits, while eating and drinking, subverting the single drinking mode of traditional tea.

80 After the fresh tea, the simple presentation has a “complex” “inner heart”

From Taiwan’s conscience tea, stick to the original flavor From Taiwan to the mainland, after a layer of ingenuity, let a cup of tea not only quench your thirst, but also make you feel strange and rewarded from a cup of tea. You can really get a cup of tea from a cup of tea after 80. Experience.