Preparing for Family Ready for the Hamilton Party, Qualifying for Score

Max Verstappen is ready to annoy Lewis Hamilton, claiming he was the Red Bull winner at the weekend in Mexico's Grand Prix.

The Dutchman has told the press that he believes the competition will give his side a chance to win the game before the end of the season.

"We may not have the opportunity to be eligible, but we will work well in the competition so I hope this will be better for us than Austin.
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"Lewis wants to win but I do not think he will change things …"
If Verstappen wins, Hamilton will be a direct champion, but he would like to win a successful victory in Mexico.

"I think our car is working very well, and of course it's less of a matter so I think we can usually compete with the other way, although it's long and straightforward. "

Hamilton needs to pass through Sebastian Vettel, one of Ferrari's five-point lead fiveth world championships, and with Juan Manuel Fangio in the record books, having won Michael Schumacher seven times with many leagues.

Hamilton won his fourth Copa America last year after being beaten by Verstappen and finished in ninth.

Verstappen also stated that he was a hard-talking guy on the way and he beat hard when he said "Formula One" should be "thrown."

The young Dutchman was struck by his response to the questionnaire on the anti-traumatic system.

"If they think something is going to happen, then you can go and stop the competition, right?

"You do not need punitive penalty points, do you? If you commit a very minor offense, it can last up to 12 points.

"Then I do not think it's right …"

Ask him what he has done in the year 2014 so he can punish the repeated criminals, he said: "Throw the flour."

Drivers face a restraining order if they get 12 points from the competition. Verstappen, an attacker, is currently seven, and Romani Grosjean, who is featured in 10 points,

"I do not think there's a lot of drivers in the A-Date history that deserved a fine," Verstappen told Autosport (

"If you cause a big accident, then this is a different story, but if you get a lot of points because of all these things, I see it as a scam."