Pro Kabaddi League: Bengaluru Bulls Edge PKL Tie Pirna Pirates

Patna: Bengaluru Bulls have won the fourth-tier Pro League Cup, while Patna Pirates continued their second leg in the quarter-finals.

Pawan Sehrawat made a huge difference in the stay of mind, athletics and quick push to ride 14 points. The Kashiling Adake helped to find key points and punctuation marks to bring about piracy problems.

Pardeep Narwal had a cool game while his team-mate Manjette attempted to make a difference of 10 points.
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Bengaluru Bulls currently sit at the top of Zone B and Patna Pirates have fallen to fifth. This is Bengaluru Bulls for the first time since winning the Patna Pirates since Pro League 2.
Pirna Pirates came into the match with 2 losses to their home defeat to end. They began to start Pardeep Narwal for the first time to get Mahender Singh

Pawan Sehrawat presented a huge display of the 3-minute rampage after Ravinder Kumar after Pawan received a point from Kuldeep Singh to finish 2-4 Bengaluru.

Ravinder Kumar tried to recover from a brilliant strike by Rohit Kumar in the 10th minute to scoring 8-9 with 3 points.

While Rohit Kumar appearances, Kashiling Adake the first time appeared in the game, received a score of 2 points, and shot overpriced Deepak Narwal to get a shot at the top after 13 minutes to return to his side.

This did not help Baraawe Bulls in the 17th minute to make it 18-17. The first half ended in a draw with a score of 21-18 in Patna.

The second part saw Deepak Narwal receiving separate funds to protect Pirna Pirates tickets.

Pavan Sehrawat equalized for Ravinder Kumar to reach the target and scored 23-21.

Rohit Kumar made Super Super Raid in the 27th minute to get Jaideep, Vikas Kale and Kuldeep Singh, 26-26.

This led to a very successful effort to finish Patna Pawan Sehrawat where he stepped forward from mid-29th when he struggled with Ravinder Kumar,

Manish and Deepak Narwal to finish 26-32 in Bengaluru Bulls. At the 33rd minute, Manjett got Super Raid after watching over where he received a prize and Ashish Sangwan and Sandeep to make it 30-35.

They came back to equalize after 36 minutes after struck 36-36. This was against Pawan Sehrawat's other Super Raid attack for the next attack to replant 3 points.

Bengaluru Bulls took the lead five minutes after Rohit Kumar took his yellow card and took Patna back in. The match ended with the two teams in the Do-Or-Die attack which saw Bengaluru Bulls win 43-41.