Project Ideas around the house (where you don't feel productive at all)

productive projects

I will be the first to admit that the product is not 100% recent – and I imagine I am not alone. While there are a few tips I work for to improve my productivity, there are days when I just …I cant

Do you know the feeling?

Although easy to simply looga out of bed in front of the television or keep Instagram pages, can not stand the feeling of the time * sinner * loss. While I realize that this is self-imposed and sometimes you need to give yourself grace, there are other times I need to be mentally active, I still want to do it something production-ish.

In an effort to cut off any extra work for you, I've compiled a list of projects to deal with at home. For me, these are projects that have been sitting in the backseat for a while or are the things I have always intended to do and have never approached.

Here are the project ideas for home when you feel completely productive!

the shelf

Clean and tidy

Take this time to get into the house projects that you have turned off (such as cleaning the closet, wrapping your donations, organizing the tank, etc.).

The cleaning is very therapeutic so get in that refreshing glass and go for it!

Buy Products You Use

After sorting your closet, if you have items in good condition and you want to sell them manually – buy Poshmark and string Up!

If you have "like new" or "gently used clothing" but keep them because they cost more than $ .50 at a garage sale, check out Poshmark, a free website for buying and selling clothing. Poshmark takes a small sales commission, but it sends you a pre-prepared print tag and packages so all you need to do is sell it, then put it in the mail!

Wired & # 39; Up Up & # 39; it is really cool as they will provide you with a great luggage to carry all your belongings – they will go to pieces & # 39; s professionally photographed, and you will get a share for sale.

Release the Loss

Although xiriirkani cleaning and organizing, digging a bit – why not clean time?

Are there any old boxes under the bed? Those "gambling" disadvantages? Need to customize the bookstore and there are books out there that you haven't read or would like to share with a friend?

Learn How to Make a New Diet

I have been sharing this with recipes from across the world at TBA recently and now is a great time to learn how to make a new dish!

Digital Association

This one is a great necessity for me and I learned my lesson in the past when I thought I had lost all my photos – my laptop crashed and I spent the weekend working on recovering from the many travel photos.

So take a lesson and keep it on your digital organization!

  1. Store photos in the cloud
  2. Organize digital photos into files and copy hard drive
  3. Clean your desktop desktop from your computer
  4. Delete all junk emails and delete your inbox

DIYS productive

Whenever I started traveling and writing a blog, creating new things and NEW images, I never seemed to have enough time to go back and think about it, let alone the art. Sometimes I take thousands of photos in one day. Hitting that 8 years of travel… phew! The photo booths sit on the rough streets while booths and ticket holders sit in boxes waiting for a day that I have some time to remember.

I decided to finally go through the books and put the last three years of friends, family, and experiences in South Africa into the picture book.

As soon as I started going through the photos, I couldn't stop. I laughed, I cried, I was back to the happiest times of my life. Creating this handbook was a journey of its own, and it already feels like one of my most valuable possessions.

The Artifact Revolution made it easy for me to build and set up my picture book – the process helped me overcome my creative building ambitions. And I'm very satisfied with the quality – it looks like a coffee table book that is as professional as we can ever love!

Consider going back to your photos and making that album or just getting the publisher you always say you want! Additionally you can use code & # 39; BLONDEABROAD15 & # 39; 15% off picture books and more!

Use The Idea Or Place

Did you hear the phrase or en somewhere?

Make sure everything has a place to live; while the revelation or en somewhere it is commonly used in the kitchen, literally meaning "everything there" and it is a good rule of thumb to keep things clean and sanitary.

I am a big fan of make-up and I give everything away

Another thing you can do is make a tasting bowl or spice biscuit and mark everything!

Make a Life Change

There is nothing that makes you feel more productive than doing good for your health, right? One of my favorite lifestyles – both for health, to reduce waste and plasticity, and to the effect on my environment – is turning into plant-based milk.

The transfer is not as scary as you might think! See how I make homemade tree-based milk for only 50 cents for details on food and food!


Plan your next trip to Vaci

Not that you need permission, but this is the best excuse to spend time enjoying on Pinterest and discover your future trips! Start saving some ideas and you do not need to book tickets or relax at the same time, it really helps to have a plan in mind.

Build your dream dreams!

Something to add to this list productivelyish?