Pune City Want To Buy

FC Pune City have issued a statement claiming that the club did not shut up reports that the player was convicted of tax evasion.

Pune City Want To Buy
A picture of FC Pune's picture. (Photo: ISL)

New Delhi: FC Pune City have announced that they want to move to another city and are reportedly reluctant to ignore the rumors that the club will close.

From a few days, social media has provoked reports that FC Pune City is on the verge of collapse after financial problems have been dealt with. The team is recruiting its staff, and the players are currently on the news.

On Monday, FC Pune City took over Twitter's official Twitter account and said the club would not "continue to do it" but it is "looking to move to the new city".

Opponents also suggest that a Hyderabad company is linked to the ISL next season and that it is going to continue with the Pune, both may be linked.

In the statement, FC Pune City also warned other teams that they would be directly linked to their players by saying "This is a contravention of FIFA rules." They said the clubs must go through the FC Pune City Management.

The club also informed the players who contracted "all the financial obligations to be met" and asked the players to contact the club for any additional questions.

A few days ago, Goal.com reported that the Pune City player Ashique Kuruniyan wrote to All India Football Federation (AIFF) for complaining of unpaid bills from the club.

The name Kuruniyan appeared shortly after the reports emerged that ISL's Iain Hume also had contacted AIFF about FC Pune City payments.