Qatar Airways Business Class (A350-900) Review

Since being transferred to Cape Town, we have been back in counties several times a year to visit friends and family. As a long journey, we have set up all of our mines for the better use of my flights.

It is really worth the trip like this – especially if you are going to a business and traveling to the majority.

Last visit to my home, friends from The Points Guy flew to Cape Town to NYC to determine the level of Qatar's award! The first flight from my flight from Cape Town to Doha, I flew to A350-900.

(The second leg of Doha to New York City, I flew to Danger – do not miss this review!)

Business Classroom Seats

As soon as I went up and took my seat, my special flight came to bring herself to herself. She also offered me a glass of wine or a non-alcoholic wine. I chose the dishwasher and a warm towel.

The seat seat means that each passenger can directly enter the barrier. Middle seats will not get the same level of privacy as the window. If you are traveling, take a window. If you are accompanied by someone, take a middle seat, however, by dividing it.

Although there are no savings above average seats, so everyone keeps the luggage above the windows sofa. The seat has plenty of space and extra foot and you will not get A330 or A340.

You will also find USB and USB ports to take your instrument, remote control for your seat, reading lights, and adjustable armchairs.

Qatar Business Value Class


The A350 class comes with lots of fun. Visitors can find the book Castello Monte Vibiano including the facial cleanser, moisture, skin, lipstick, bottles, and stickers. The toilet seat condition is also very good! It's such a case and I am sure it will be used for future trips.

Other devices include the 17-inch LCD screen, noise auditory noise, Evian water, buste super-luxe, and a pool.

Review of Business Class Size

In-Flight Entertainment

The Oryx One Recreation System has a large Hollywood station, photos, and TV shows. You can watch everything from Ted Talks to Vogue talking to Taylor Swift about her major impact.

I chose not to work during this flight, rather than having a holiday play to get me to Christmas!

There is also Wi-Fi in the A350. The first 30 minutes are free and, if you need extra time, it is very expensive.

Food + drink

The danger does not stop when it comes to a wonderful cartoon character. Unlike the other airports, there is no time for food. WIth's open diet plan, you can eat as much as you like, whenever you want and eat your diet to enjoy.

I also like Qatar to have a full list of the grounds. If you do not drink alcohol, it is not limited to soft drinks, coffee, and water.

Dishes are presented beautifully and come with a few fresh baked breads, olive oil, and balsamic beverages. I am confused with salt and pepper-it's completely enjoying the excitement of the diet.

All foods come with a light-emitting light like the soft size and sweets. Cakes, ice cream and lamps seem to have nothing to do with the economy.

Quality and performance are what you can expect to get boogaaga France!

At Hamad airport

International Airport Hamad

After he landed in Doha, I had two hours after the airport in Hamad. My job has given me a chance to enter Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge.

You will find inside the 24-hour hotel as well as the selection of dishes made to order. There is a bar that serves a variety of types of wine, spaghetti, coconut and champagne and many areas,

If you have more time, do it for yourself to get the Sports and Wellness Center's sports therapy. There is also a swimming pool, full exercise, and a water-soluble tube.

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Review of Business Class Size


Qatar trade from Cape Town and NYC meant that access to the United States was comfortable, without concern. I was able to sleep on my flight, and to catch some of the work, the overwhelming breeze of the flight of some of my favorite holiday movies, I eat my heart.

The staff goes out to make sure you have a comfortable flight, and they are going to look at some of the specifications of the particular experience. If you want to lose yourself by raising the next seat, I strongly recommend it!

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