Racially Criminal Case Against the 2016 Olympic Games

Internal audit carried out by the International Federation of Football Associations (AIBA) has raised questions about the referee's performance in the 2016 Olympics, with the French embassy Monde reported Monday.

France was born in the famous six billion in Rio, including gold jewelry for Tony Yoka and his wife Estelle Mossely.

But three days before the end of the Olympic race, the AIBA Football Federation has removed the executive director after Karim Bouzidi's role because he is accused of being involved in war crimes in certain countries, according to Le Monde.
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Le Monde, a researcher in the Bulgarian newspaper Mojta, said she saw an internal report of AIBA and emails showing that the body is concerned that Bouzi has been affected by the decision of five referee referees .
Email AIBA President Wu Ching-Ko's Earhart 18th November, said he suspected that the body looga Bouzidi acting as a high impact on the judiciary, especially those from France and Uzbekistan.

Bouzidi did not respond to the AFP request on Monday.

Andre Martin, head of France Football, told Le Monde: "Rio results have not happened, it's true, it's true we know Bouzidi, but he is never black."

AIBA's internal investigation revealed that Bouzidi had the ability to appoint referees and officials in the competitions, but added that there was no direct evidence of these changes that impacted the outcome of the war.

Bouzidi's top visit to the AIBA was hosted by a French campaign attempted to improve the Olympic Games after he disappeared in 2008 and 2012 in London.

One part of the strategy is part of making interpretation to participate in the World Cup in Boxing, a global competition for teaching AIBA.

Kevin Rabaud, former French teacher of WSB, said he did not make any mistakes.

"We have always played the rules … We have held a French event so that players can be well-known if the war is near, they may play in the file space if they know it well.

"In Rio, we have achieved results thanks to our reputation and our previous results."

The passport has already faced the risk of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics ban. It depends on the results of the AIBA study at the International Olympic Committee, which introduced a list of 41 water companies on the Deloitte Audit Company, which will then recall the Olympic Games.

Uzbek businessman Gafur Rakhimov, of the US Department of the Treasury, has contacted "International Criminal Investigations", by lowering the president's AIBA Friday.

The relationship between IOC and AIBA has been heavily hit by the 2016 Olympics when 36 players and referees have been suspended pending allegations.

Rakhimov insisted the allegations against him as a "fake false".

The downside is the head of the boom in the year 2018 that is only possible to make a series of scandals and situations in a situation.

Wu Ching-yon resigned in 2017, including a number of biblical allegations.

Franco Falcinelli resigned from the post after taking over, allowing Rakhimov to be the next top vice president to step up to become the first president and then a formal president.

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