RBI is attracting banking circles to show IL and FS production

According to the Legal Shared Legal System (NCLAT) that allows banks to declare the Transitional Economic and Economic Services (IL & FS) as a group of non-profit (NPAs) , The Central Bank of India (RBI) on Wednesday repatriated from the bankruptcy of the bank, asking for financial details to provide details of their group's bad debt.

Under the NCLAT order, banks can declare the temporary accounts of the NPAs against the NPA, but can not begin the recovery process and the flexible payment process until the group's resolution is reached.

Other 'IL & FS Groups have started to run as a result of corruption in the second-round property of 2018-19. Paying debt obligations on debt bills was more than during the process. The problem has led to a decline in the number of markets, affecting non-bank financial companies and real estate companies. Group companies have a greater debt than Rs 94,000 crore.