Real Madrid locker room smells strong, many superstars rumored to leave Bernabeu

According to the report of the ball detector, recently C Ronaldo was pushed to the headlines because of a big event that missed UEFA. According to foreign media speculation, they think C Ronaldo already knows He didn’t get any awards, so he didn’t plan to go to the awards ceremony. Although he didn’t go, he still privately expressed his blessing to the magic flute. After all, they have been playing for the same team for a long time. They are good comrades. This relationship is not comparable to the average person. Although it is not a team now, the friendship is still convinced that Cristiano Ronaldo is still willing to see the good comrades in the past win this award.

Real Madrid Dressing Room Gunpowder Strong, many superstars rumored to leave the Bernabeu

Although C Ronaldo is now a Juventus player, he and the Magic Flute have always maintained a good relationship in private, after all The two men have achieved a lot of glory for the team. It can be said that the two witnessed each other’s growth. Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo got a secret that can be said to be public, that is, the relationship between Real Madrid’s locker room is very tense. It can be said that it is in jeopardy. The Magic Flute said that the current coach has already offended many players in the employer. In particular, the player configuration in these games can be said to have caused a lot of team dissatisfaction, including Ronaldo’s good. Brother Cerro, he now has the idea to leave the team to find a new owner, but now the information the team passed to him does not mind he left, because the team’s manager just looks for a player who can take over, can say Now this team is really one Human touch are gone.

For Sello, he is very embarrassed in the position of the team, and he is very dissatisfied with his situation. He is also very clear that his good brother Ronaldo is beckoning him in Juventus. Hearing his arrival, because there is news that Juventus is willing to pay enough salary to Real Madrid to get the Celo when the next trading window opens, because he can bring enough help to C Ronaldo, so the team is also very Willing to accept him.

But he has a lot of players who can replace him for Real Madrid, but he will definitely not give him to the opponent at a very low price. If they really want to get this player, they will take it. With enough sincerity, I believe that Juventus should pay the price to get the player. After all, the combination of the two is still very strong. Many fans also hope to see the gold combination of the year. Now they are still in the same state. There is no good decline, especially C Ronaldo is the benchmark for athletes. This is where many athletes need to learn. He has a strong self-discipline.