Reconstruction creates a new, modern and new workplace

The reconstruction of the former 807 ft2 building, located in Gràcia, Barcelona, ​​was executed by Prime Minister Raúl Sanchez and his team of professionals Pau Just and Cayetano de la Torre. The first case in the home includes a lifestyle that is not compatible with the new owner's requirements. Therefore, the new proposals begin with the total destruction of the existing situation, continuing the structure of structures (technical and financial reasons, structural interventions have been pursued).

Private site
Modern style living room

The site is designed to move freely, to increase the sense of space and the boundary between the rooms: for example, the bedroom and guest rooms are closed to the bigger doors, from the ceiling to the ceiling, with no round trip. This means that the parts are not closed when they reach the open space of the doors.

Dark decoration
Black room with high marble
A room with a car park
White decorating room

The bathroom is totally black, mixed with clay, granite, microcemento and black glass, and faucets, sinks and other black objects. On the other hand, visitors to the toilet have an anti-cancer treatment: granite, flavor and milk are all white, although the pipes and drops are black. Behind the doors and doors of the door and metal circles produce a large number, but also identify the confidential areas and the visible areas.

Modern bathroom and dark black
Black body toilet