Rehabilitation for Managing Innovation in Foreign Affairs

These open houses and light bulbs have been rebuilt by David Coleman Architecture's construction company in Seattle in 2015. It has a space of 6058 ft2, and we can see the result of the attempt to be added inside and outside. The original home, designed for the year 1956, is famous for its Seattle, is located in the private sector of Broadmoor. It is thought to be a flat structure.

Outdoor scenery

The purpose of the company was to clarify the plan; add where it is necessary to improve the livelihoods, combine the inside and outside of the table, and improve sanitation. To do this, a series of initiatives have been launched that have a clear impact on the availability of home, home movements, and internal and external relations. This has resulted in a whole change, raising the overall quality of the building and the image, allowing the construction of basic buildings and facilities to be fully implemented.

The main door

The plan maintains openness to expect a modern home, but it also looks like a long-awaited look that is not expected in the larger open space. This is achieved through a lightweight, but efficient tool to deliver a lot of people's money.

In large and full interior lighting
Modern kitchen area
Modern wooden kitchen
Large sofa room
Internal circuits connect the zones
Internal stairs
Room with glass walls
Big wood toilets
Large toilet