Ricciardo Verstappen sites like Red Bull Lockout Front Line, Hamilton Third

Daniel Ricciardo has appeared in the Red Bull Max Verstappen as his latest scoreline in Mexico's Grand Prix last Saturday, with Lewis Hamilton in third.

After seeing his Dutch boyfriend, he was able to participate in any training, Renault of Australia was producing an amazing riposte for one minute and 14.759 seconds, beat Verstappen 0.026, with Red Bull evolving on the front line of the web.

It is the recruitment of three recruiters and first staff members since the fall of Grand Prix in 2013.
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Hamilton is the fifth world player to win the league and third in Mercedes ahead of Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari and Valtteri Bottas fifth in Mercedes and Kimi Raikkonen, sixth in Ferrari.
German Nico Hulkenberg was a week before his friend Renault Carlos Sainz and two Saubers of Charles Leclerc and Marcus Ericsson.

Verstappen was hoping to be the least person in the history of F1's history and was clearly frustrated.

"Thanks, legends," Ricciardo happily announced before joining later: "I knew to stay somewhere else – I knew that the car's speed – Max has shown that all week end.

"I have not been convinced that it is really clean, but I have to enjoy a little – we're going to have a great strategy right now … Let the team get one."

Verstappen's Greek can not hide his feelings. "All the seizures have happened," he said.

"I had the same problems during FP2 – the machine did not stick to what I wanted, the next tie … I think it's enough for the problems we have."

Hamilton closure

Hamilton, who will win again if Vettel scores five points, or if Germany fails to win it, he is satisfied with third place.

"I am very happy," he said. "We have a difficult day, it's a development, and we did not expect to get a higher level than we did.

"Behind the Red Bulls is not bad – the third is a great place from here when you get a better tool to buy."

Vettel said: "I think we've won everything over the car, but we hit the fourth place that we're not satisfied, we'll see what we can do there – we have a straight and straightforward direction.

Romain Grosjean and his friend Haas Kevin Magnussen in Q1 and Stoffel Vandoorne of McLaren and Williams. It was Haas & # 39; twice as many as Q1 since the same competition for 2017.

Part 2, Verstappen has attracted our record record 1: 15,640 against Hamilton, while out of focus India's Esteban Ocon and brave local Sergio Perez, both of Fernando Alonso & # 39; s McLaren, and the two Toro Rossos.

All the top teams have been working on the delicate soft tire, which will start the competition, leaving it quickly, but too low, the top of the top for the top ten superfine, starting with Ferraris.

For the first time Vettel arrived at 1: 14.970, another record, before Hamilton entered the second place, only 0.052 seconds – to Verstappen found the line 1: 14.785, about two inches clear.

"That is P1, Round One," Red Bull told reporters before Christian Horner's leaders warned that "to continue" to ensure that.

When they started to make their final appearance, Bottas lasted, running the race for one of Vettel, while Hamilton retreated the clear mark of Ferrari and Mercedes. But it was Ricciardo's cool and good and delivered.