RIKAS, a modern family home created by 3DM Architecture, looks like & # 39; last; & # 39; the modern generation

An animal animal animal located in Maliena, located in the heart of Sweic in Malta, the new 3DM Architecture designs created the RIKAS project, a modern, modern home-like look, but with a vertical angle and modern design.

From architectural design, team building and customer (couple little busy with two children and an active and dynamic) are looga aims to create a space with a physical, but the apparent visual and fun. This resulted in the construction of a housing with a clear structure, its roots, originally a visual impression showing the farmland was built! It tries to look at the general shape and size of the ground.

Inside, decorating is one of the aims of building a relationship between quality and work. Instead of being very modern as its appearance and appearance, but very hard or cold looking for a comfortable life, the team hit the natural signals and modern features and the surface, is it There is no doubt in the modern age but it is also suitable for the family life style.

Because the building itself also plays in the shape and angle of an exciting process, the opportunity has been built inside the designers to play with light and shade. This will provide you with a Renaissance stages as a result of the fact that most lights and windows are positioned in the former structure of the Chiaroscuro technique. And that, I mean that with the ground floor of the property daadadiisu appear natural light thanks looga floor windows and windows, creating a sort of combination between the effects of indoor and outdoor areas, as they are.

However, good and honest, however, designers have yet to confirm that residents can find extra confidentiality and shame when they choose. They have well laid the bottom floor with a flexible lid. When these are reduced, space becomes very close. Of course, because of the upgrading and the highest standards, all four floors of the house are often very light on natural sunlight, but the lower floor is particularly bright.

In terms of decor, the designers had two different goals at home (except for the modern sense) First, they wanted to use the materials and colors or ports to separate the space. When the religious system changes, it works in the room.

At the same time, they were hoping to protect some of the sensible items available all the whole of the house together and a beautiful feeling that we can keep in the room to the room. The purpose is to find the balance between the design & design of the design esteetics & # 39; and any daily needs of the customers can live in their families.

Finally, many home designs have been chosen to feel comfortable design. Sure, it is designed to be modern and experienced, but it is not a good idea to be busy, social and social. For example, indoor and outdoor pools and sunflower grass are open space to wear clothes, while the garage provides space for family cards and a safe and secure operation.

Photos of Miguel Petrovic