Roman Community Issues 40 created by ADNBA to integrate communities and structures

All streets in Bucharest, Romania, several different flats and houses in different buildings are available, depending on the neighborhood. The Occidentului Street, which is commonly used in the city, one may see the combination of surrounding areas, after-construction structures, or many years old houses.

Recently, some of the local designs designed to build a new building, instead of setting up and attracting attention, use cautious caution to help them better Among the traditional buildings surrounding it! The tailored eyes may look a little bit like a small piece of fabric and tin, but generally it's a good way for the road.

The construction site in Occidentului town has been created by ADNBA using a technique that helps build constructed interior furnishings and blocks, as it is thought to be corrected. Instead of just relying on how they worked for their purpose, the planning team went through & # 39; they decided to take into account the context of their project.

That means they have tried to build a new complex of mesh and mesh road, looking at existing buildings so as not to stop the flow of traffic and interior space. The details of the details of this goal, which have been reduced to the color scheme, is amazing.

In the homes, the houses are calm, wood, and comfortable with all kinds of modern features that are modernized modern. The goal is not in fact create a house that looks old or does not contradict its performance, but compared to the songs and structure that face the local environment in the same way.

Photos by Laurian Ghinitoiu