Rowan Atkinson, Comedy Not Like Laughing Event

Comedy can be a bad business, even for gifs like Rowan Atkinson.

Think of "Johnny English Strikes Again" – against the colonial bastard, Gumby-limbed-comedian like bumbling and would be James Bond – which comes after seven years after the second round of second round and 15 after the first.

What did you say, you asked?

"I am a photographer, I suspect that many people in my work, are very well and do not enjoy it," Atkinson said. "I enjoy the fruit of the film if it is good, but I do not enjoy the process." I find it really, really, really hard. "

Consequently, in fact, the beginning of a false revolver in the Romanian city and his daughter, Atkinson and writer author William Davies have returned to the board of directors. Outcome: Skyfall, a cyberattackack about MI7, is fighting the current agents and requires Johnny, now a geographical teacher, to retire.

However, with digital access, Johnny prefers to go to Luddite, provoking a modern school line like jelly babies and machine tools, all of which are reddish Aston Martin V8 Vantage in Atkinson bought the film itself.

About forty years, Atkinson, 63, has signed his eyes – Romanian volcano – using stages of travel Baghdad, a verbal saying called Mr. Bean, a child-bearer in "Four Women and Build" and the Love Actually. In an interview in London, he talked about the event, the speech of speech, and why it was soft and often unsatisfactory.

Here are some things that are recorded from the conversation.

In the opening weeks of the opening of Britain, "Johnny English" came in second "Venom" in the basics, but they beat Star Star Is Born. It looks like Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

Yes, finally. [Laughs] It is well done, because the weather is very difficult, so it helps everybody try to sell the film ticket.

That's about the process "really, really, really hard." Please explain.

Whatever I do, I think I can continue. I am very famous for wanting to take another, take another, take another and take another – take one. Sometimes it is good, but sometimes it becomes more serious. The sitting in the London office is not interesting if Johnny does this or that – it's fun. Then the performance and music and black voice – and I love you. But the meat of the sandwich, where you really have to keep it before the camcorders, I really hate.

You really looked like the Bond movie "Never ever say." Johnny Sean Connery did the job?

I always thought Roger Moore is a lot of things in Johnny. I think he is a little of the founder, who is so logical, more enjoyable and enjoyable in the world that he has found. That is Johnny's vision. He is a self-evident self. Johnny is not an interesting person or their life. He only thinks the idea of ​​his journey and the end, he just wants to drive a fast car and wear a sharp stroke and go to different places. And of course if he is able.

Emma Thompson, the Prime Minister of Johnny English, called you the modern day Charlie Chaplin. How do you see yourself?

I'm not thinking about myself much about the comic book. But Chaplin was actually inspired. French love Jacques Tati was very important to Mr. Bean. I saw "Holiday Holiday Monsieur Hulot" when I was 17 years old, and only had a pattern and a bit of a boring never seen a comedy movie. The idea that you fully express your opinion rather than words is inspired by anything else.

Mr. Bean is very popular Many Facebook followers even even Taylor Swift. Any plan to remove him / her from retirement?

There is no plan to repatriate. If you look at 80 million Facebook friends, Mr. Being it, it's a very, very bad thing in China, India and Venezuela, Malaysia and Europe and the Middle East – and general interests that do not belong to the United States. – TV shows, and 13 shows do not come into your US TV network. But the good thing about the internet is that it's just an issue, and they can see everything and everything that I never had.

A the Guardian review he said, "Is not the British film industry Rowan Atkinson's realistic role in his quality?"

It's a funny story and I have no idea. I mean, it's the calendar & # 39; of the elderly who are known to be in a special way. Even if people think, "Well, we can kill that role," they say, "It brings a lot of things with a clear statement that people will take it seriously?" I can also see the Dickensian role in these types of species. But I think I may have burned my bridges and hit a large number of what I did.