Russia resumed Astronaut's trip to international an international hub

The Russian news agency has revealed that it plans to deploy three international airports to the International Harbor International Airport in December 3, indicating that it believes Soyuz's country is traveling on the journey when he returned from work last month.

Soyuz is the only way for people to go to the media centers. In October, two astronauts made an emergency but emergency rescue was restored after the Soyuz raided unexpectedly. The Thursday's announcement also becomes a situation that may have left vacant posts without passenger staff at the beginning of January.

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Roscosmos, the Russian agency, said the investigation had found out what was wrong in the period In October. Light pink, part of the system feeling at the four Operations take place at Soyuz's central station, preventing one of the supporters from cleaning. The nerve endoscope is then hit by the middle ground.

"It has led to its control, and, as a result, the missile outlets have been unable to control their control," said the Investigating Committee.

The report said the injury to the pin had fallen when the group's fans were connected to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the launch site.

The Emergency Response System has the power to remove the computer from the missiles that have been broken off.

The next commencing start of the coming month is preventing events that may have forced the technical center to work on the ground without the need for air in the coming years.

Soyuz condoms are expected to last up to seven months. One south is now closed – the home of three astronauts at the station – since June. Although the station is well placed, the seven-month limit means the current employers are likely to leave in January.

Astronauts at the beginning of December are Oleg Kononenko of Russia, Anne McClain of NASA and David Saint-Jacques of Space Space.

Roscosmos is also planning to issue a cargo ship which has not yet been used, using the same Soyuz cotton, Nov. 16.