San Cayetano Mountain Residence provides a Rock Stone Stone Paul Weiner and DesignBuild Collaborative

San Cayetano Mountain Residential, designed for life by Paul Weiner and DesignBuild Collaborative, is a beautiful, famous factory in Santa Cruz County, the United States.

This private house is on a locked structure which is everything but even. Designs and structures are presented in specific contours of rocks and rocks, but it has become part of the appeal of the apartment building. Sometimes it was not found to build a very remote place, especially one of the high above the real grass!

The group wanted to build a home and animals that were suitable for dry grass. The territory of buuxsanyihiin palm trees, mesquites, seasonal and wild places of the flow. The goal was to create a home-based landscape and have many visual performances without far from the natural surroundings or looking for a whole place.

At the same time, the contents of the grass and the grass are hard. The area is always sensitive to tranquility and chaos, strength and self-defense, hardship and soft plants. The home is needed to fill it with natural surroundings but also can withstand torrential storms, hot and heat, and cold temperatures at night. Finally, each of these things is worth the sight of the area.

In the first part of the building, the guests meet in the living room. This unit is completely connected to the natural appearance of the house. A beautiful window, as well as the "room" room in other parts of the world, Mount Wrightson has been described in all its sophistication. Visitors can discover the comfort of a pillow pillow seat or boot seats between oototillo and real rock sticks.

The outside room is not just a space designed to accommodate the comfort of home and private rooms. Designers have added extra space on a wet surface with 360 full-sight images. This area connects with long-awaited vision and night rides with fast stores at the home of the home.

By choosing their products, the designers decided to put things in place and use the full range of things even from nature's surroundings designed to cover their home. The nest is built on the last stone found on the pigmented plaster (colorful color), and the iron iron. This describes a kind of industrial music that is suitable for the environment so well that comes out of the wonderful home rather than scare or cool.

Overall, the house consists of three different buildings. First, the guests enter the most important home, all of which are the most important areas of the community and the work environment in your home. Next time, you will find special studios and special carport, which protects the homeowners who are previously opposed to the previously mentioned. This building is built to expand the position and the entire structure around the fence wall of the fence, which serves to continue its own home with its environment.

The system is not the only way to integrate architectural designs to protect the home to live. Homes can move swiftly into internal and external environments due to overseas rooms near all major chambers (including living room, kitchen and kitchen), as well as open spaces open outside the bedroom and even outdoors, a shower built with a bath to the toilet!

Because the house is in the area of ​​a tough spot, the designers have made sure to build a house so much that it is available for family members and guests. This continues their mission to cover the same and build a vibrant area within the surface of the surface. First, they built a wood-based roofing jacket and used spaces for outdoor areas. They are also covered by the "room" and around the blanket around the back of the house. Finally, they have installed a hidden confidential screen that keeps track of the special brushes, shades, or home-care windows in case of a long absence.

What kind of thing do you like at home, you ask? Effective fires have actually been made in broken bones! This is unique for the transaction and music and the direct geographic geography of the earth, making it a central part of the home council.

Photos: Liam Frederick Photography