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Puerto Rico is a societal movement, LGBTQ's active community, and the nature of its life makes it one of the best in the US for night-time architecture. Read my experience with the best San Juan survey and clubs …

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Visit San Juan's Homes Night

The first night in San Juan was not really what I expected. I would only come to Puerto Rico a few hours ago – enough time to throw my feet into the Caribbean without the feet in the leaves.

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The hosting home of gay, we found some of the night's tips. First Stop
was Calle Loiza– A long way in the city of Atlanta in the city
San Juan Many have described the area as "tendency"
a neighborhood, "so I'm happy to explore.

All Calle Loiza, I received the usual results for any US travel. But, that is Puerto Rico, so all things were small … different. Good way! Fast food, bar with sausage, food market. Most of Puerto Rican's restaurants have all the cafés specialists. There were several global nutrition issues on the delivery, too. Even homosexuality (one for bears).

We had a dinner at a Italian restaurant. The owner, from Italy, lived in Puerto Rico for a long time, but there was no reason to refuse the Italian taste and pizza margherita. Carbo-loading at night outside San Juan.

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Drinking after lunch and a snail

After the meal, I did the way to San Juan's daughters in Santurce. Calle Condado It is the place where most gay bars and clubs are located. It was Thursday, and the first, but my friends and I made the most famous club in Puerto Rico: Circo Bar. It's written in every book-a good reason! It is one of the most common hangouts and serving many beautiful people.

We are in the Curry Bar of this week's homemade milk: a welcoming party about the latest incident RuPaul Drag Race. Bartenders served us with drinks while wearing soft clothes and sex. Many TV shows presented the show, and when it was finished, the queen introduced Drag Bingo. I have a few cards of bingo cards (one for each drink I have not ordered) but did not get any success.

After more than a few drinks from Circo, I went to the club next season. We had five minutes a little girlfriend who came from the east El Local en Santurce. On the outside, it seemed like she was busy with her house. There were many people on the overseas road, along the street along the streets.

Launching the San Juan Room & # 39; Hypsters & # 39;

Walking to the club, it seemed to be another type of party. In many LGBTQ sections, all referees (and non-modal) were part of the population. It was fun and interesting to see, even before I left the queer club, I knew I would love it.

However, before I was able to get inside, a lot of outdoor activities came into operation. The music came out, and one of the photographers was founded. Effective movement was followed. By putting the strings on the body and the lights that display their own movement, I quickly posted it.

When inside inside, with a cheap pool in my garden, I caught a second act of flip flop and quenching the queen. Then, I started to take the rest of the position. The dance floor in the DJ's spacecraft is fun entertainment. The Queen gave me a lollipop cherry cherry; a room that serves as a living room where you expect to see your grandmother. "Glass of glass & # 39; in the corner with a variety of confusing types: the machine from the 90s, the dinosaur skole, the journal book.

The exhibits continued with the whole night. There was a fire extinguisher and clubs and tourist groups. Between the actions, DJs made a variety of different kinds – there were technological techniques and pop. The room is beaten by beatings.

When the group started to die, my first night in San Juan, I chose Uber to return to my host. When I arrived, a sign from drink and dance, I was disappointed with all the conversations, and I realized that the pool was red. If there is always one at the right location, the correct town, at night.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico - The Guide to Yourself In The Clubs & Clubs Best

San Juan Nightlife

The other night outside of San Juan was the same exciting and interesting. On Friday night I was missing a lonely room in the lower lip- There was a technical design that has been decorated with one million live live. In the evening outside of the classroom outside the city center with cheap drinks and street food (and dance).

The nightmare is a fun and exciting variety. And surprising. Bars and clubs are crowded throughout the city, and dense dining halls and many accommodation areas, is a type that you never knew about nighttime.

Below are some bars and clubs that I love and have had the opportunity to visit many nights enjoying the life of San Juan.

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San Juan Nightlife
7 Good Snowballs and Visiting Clubs

Queer Bars Eleanor Roosevelt
The corner of the University of San Juan with a LGBTQ-friendly price

1. El Cojo

Short taxis (or Uber) from San
In the most popular tourist areas in Juan, you will find a dimensional square in the corner Avenue Eleanor Roosevelt and Calle 12 de October. El Cojo is it
the most important of the three major bars, but A Pedir De Boca and La
Esquina de Polo
all are famous (and the doors of each other).

Three of the three LGBTQs are the most popular on Thursday night when students at San Juan's school are flooded. Although the skin is playing dance and 40 music, dance floral is small, most of these blocks are the most popular early in the night before going to small clubs in the city.

Gay clubs in San Juan
San Juan's most famous club in Circo

2. El Circo Bar

San Juan is LGBTQ + most popular
It's the right club for the club Calle
. The largest LGBTQ club in Puerto Rico, hosts several entertainment
events. With two floors of dance, bars, and regular parties, they are the most
Popular from Saturday night. Although you visit some nights, you can
capture of images and TV shows RuPaul
Drag sex

Bingo's Dragons were hosted by England and Spain on Thursday night, so it is a great tourist club – and an opportunity to share with local residents.

LGBTQ Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico
El Local en Santurce – Club club with attractive attractions and other special events

3. El Local

Part of the dance, the art and the club, El Local En Santurce is one of San Juan's most popular ice skates. Queer, other parties fall within the inner interior (and outer space) of these concepts. Weekly shows (both in both knees and crevices) appear in a few stages.

The Santos area, a club with a common DJ DJ technique

4. Santos Rooftop

Although not a club LGBTQ, Santos Rooftop (on the street Maria Ti Maria), is one of the largest San Juan clubs in the world. It is a very welcoming place, dance club with indoor and outdoor dance rooms makes it a great place to dance with the sun. Most DJs play here with the technology and electronics

Water toilet system! In the La Factoria toilet

5. La Factoria

La Factoria it's one of San Juan's famous and popular cocktail-it's actually a lot of simple talk because it's so secret! The specialty drinks menu makes one of the key elements of cocktail in Puerto Rico. They are small (although it can be hidden in the backyard of a special square) is good for groups.

Thanksgiving season includes the leafy leaflets of tapas!

6. Mezzanine

The second floor of the historic building of Old San Juan, Mezzanine It also serves some of the best things you can find in San Juan. Types of cocktails such as Manhattans and Negronis are on the menu, but do not miss the local residents and even some of the arts knives.

With the ceiling of the wooden fireplace, the front wall painting, and the backpack, is the type you can easily lose hours. Some cocktail trips also visit a part of our experience of life! Do not miss happy hours when there is a food diet.

Jungle Bird Hipster Cocktail Bar
Jungle Bird – a cathedral in San Juan's famous gym

7. Natural herbs

The corner of La Placita in Santurce is a great guide Jungle Bird tiki bar Animation and fun atmosphere, light technicians, and friendly targets make you safer outside of peace.

There are even banned demonstrations that make them particularly popular in affiliate groups. Cookware stores are also available so caution: You can end up spending a lot of money without knowing the time to go!

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