Sanzee Rv Campsite Self-driving with CM video image compatibility

Stopping at the beautiful & # 39; Peach Tree Road & # 39 ;, in Tibet, China, this beautiful natural landscape has been transformed into the Sanzee RV Self-Driving Campsite, which was conceptual, design, and built on the design of CM.

The real land that the camp used to be called was in the plains that were naturally formed by the twisting of the Yarlung Zangbo River. This beautiful area is filled with rainforest clusters, beautifully spruced with sapphire trees and gives visitors a 360-degree view of the fascinating snow-capped mountains all around the lake.

These, of course, are the only natural objects in the landscape around the camps that are practically inaccessible. The site is also home to a large number of old and growing trees between 300 and 500 years old. Gesang flowers grow throughout this area, including a wide variety of sizes, such as miscanthus, different mosses, a variety of plants, and other green plants.

While it may sound like a very rural place, the camp is really accessible. Not right, it sits on the southern part of the Sichuan-Tibet railroad, which will soon be opened which will make the site even easier to reach for non-riders. This makes it a great holiday destination for international visitors.

From the beginning, the designers based their entire thought on creative thinking. In particular, they would like to respect the two cultures that the Tibetan environment has built, as well as the natural integrity of the landscape they built. What they are is the close relationship between nature and structure, which can be clearly seen in the finished product, as a result.

The most important during the construction period was conservation, especially the ancient green trees. Where rock looga safe areas of origin, are sent to re-use parts of buildings and roads in order to integrate the new location to the amazing style format of natural networks.

Whereas buildings are not built with much reclaimed stones where natural scenery can spare, they are made of metal. This gives the buildings access to the RV entrance to the parking lot with strength and weather resistance, but also prevents them from being turned on or off in the natural environment, while maintaining the combined goal of the designers. from the beginning.

The combination of iron and stone is also the symbol and gateway to the main entrance of the camp, creating a sense of connection throughout. The length of the door adds a sense of greatness to the space it sees in the height of the trees, making it stand out without being more than the beauty of what people really come to see: the natural landscape.

The entrance wall continues across the courtyard, but in a fun, cozy, and unique way. This is thanks to how the designers actually incorporated the natural elements of the exterior of the garden and the wall itself. In many places, for example, the newly formed wall stands in the natural stone or tree, leaving space, and then again on the other side, flying over the edge of whatever the natural sign is but her. without disturbing or interfering with her natural beauty.

The wallpaper additives feature has many advantages in addition to the ongoing goal of adding a visual computer. First, it stores the product to allow the wall to operate on these objects, rather than extending them to their surroundings. Second, it creates a beautiful visual effect that looks like color, vibration, and size.

Walking trails that close the entire park and allow visitors to fully take advantage of the beautiful location they provide provide the same consideration for visual objects, especially green trees. Builders remove everything from the road's creation, wrapping it in all the parts and moldings that can safely host the street. The direction of the path is, therefore, largely determined by factors such as the location of the flower, the density of trees, and the natural waterways of the river.

Even the reception center building is designed in honor of the landscape. It was developed in a logical way through the closure of natural metal export containers. These were strategically placed and built in a manner and direction appropriate to the height of the natural rock, seemed confined to the mountains, and simply created a shaded area and even a baking area without being taken up or in need of a clean space. and not necessary. .

The little details help integrate the reception building into a landscape as well. For example, pools of flower wreaths already boasts a special area has been set up outside and around the steps, wherever looga necessary, establish a local wood, but wood that have been recalled.

Along with everything else set up in the camp, the poolside barracks set up in the reception building, just above the Yarlung Zangbo River, is built in a way that reflects the beauty of the scenery and mountains, but also avoids obstacles and distractions. & # 39; s nature's quick-witted nature. Its edges and stairs are made, as before, made of wood reclaimed from the inside and around the oars. These spaces together create a wonderful space to enjoy the scenery, interaction, and relaxation.

A short distance from the reception building but beyond the RV parking lot there is a tent with several levels. This was built as a way of working on the natural growth of the earth, but using a wooden toolkit that is even outside the realm where the tents are located, to enjoy. This unique Plateaus offers not only spectacular views of Xue Ga Ru Mountain and the river, but also the great night sky.

The photos are by Zhi Xia