Send the messages to your personal request (or other sounds) greeting card

Have you ever heard the sounds of the church at Notre Dame in Paris? The noise from the Moroccan souk? Is Islam called the prayer in Jerusalem? The subway in New York City, India's corner of the car? The elephant horn in northern Thailand? Dispersion of Japanese men?

The elephant trunk (Thailand)

The trip allows for the most amazing experiences, large and small. Our memories of travel are often confusing. It is this indiscriminate sound of returning from a trip so this can trigger a vague travel memory.

The travel experience is powerful for all emotions. I think that's why it's a magical feeling when I'm traveling. It looks high: the sight, the sound, the smell, the taste, the sense of shock.

Our goals reflect those. Increasingly, people travel so much to the food of a place. We all know how Instagram has changed the way we travel – always known as & # 39; gram. Our memorable books are often delicate, sometimes tasty and even sweet.

But what about the sounds we hear when we travel? How do we do it?

Boxi Flohmarkt Berlin

The voices we hear as they travel

My first trip to Italy was really special. I know that's what a lot of people say; Italy seems to have this effect on many trips.

Italy is undeniably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Everyone will tell you this before you go. They will also tell you that the food is amazing and the Italians are beautiful.

But one thing you haven't heard (hah! Get?) Is how beautiful Italy is sounds. From church bells ringing in the ancient cities of Medina, to the noise of tourists on St. Not all the voices of the ancient churches, however, are the most vocal in the Italian accent and the sound of the motorcycle hitting you on the road. The sound of musical instruments playing on a bridge or mountain makes pizza when it hits the plate.

Italy is beautiful, yes. But not just a feast for the eyes and the stomach – but also for the ears. And yet it is all those voices that are embedded in my travel memories of my first trip.

But that’s it: they are just in my memory.

The Somerville Honk Festival

How to send sounds

Voice is a powerful stimulus. It is also difficult to catch and hold. That is why when I learned about it MyPostcard Hearing Cards, I'm happy.

Only through their app (which I have already used to send postcards online), you can record your voice, attach your popular greeting card to your photos and photos, and send it to someone you love. It's the best kind of travel memory – even more personal than a postcard because it's not just something you can touch, it's something you can hear.

San Francisco
San Francisco Voice…

In the MyPostcard, you can choose from 13 different greeting cards, and then add a 60-second audio message to your phone app.

When the receiver opens, the audio file attached to the audio chip will be integrated with the audio audio mix. Greeting cards even have a place to greet and add your own text and message! And since all this is done on your phone, it is easy to finish the whole process in less than three minutes!

Send a greeting card for under $ 9. Learn more at

4 Fun Services for Hearing Greeting Cards

  1. For language learning-It's a message in a foreign language!
  2. Karaoke– Provide an audio recording of your favorite song of your loved one.
  3. Record it in person the same message as postage for travel to capture the sounds of the destination.
  4. Send it in person happy birthday songs greetings!

Learn more about sending personal greeting cards with recorded messages or your own voice in the program.