Showing the Weekend Trip to La Jolla Beach

The route from Los Angeles is not long, but like any trip from California, it has been dragged through much of Orange County, of course. With so many stock exchanges on my travels, I didn't come La Jolla (coastal city near San Diego) until late at night. But when I got there, the fresh air of the sea and the beautiful city of La Jolla were immediately absorbing. I knew this could be the weekend for the beach.

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Lions beach is one of my favorite places. Being on the beach, nothing seems really important. There is a smell; sounds are the only secrets. There is a simple beauty found in the sea. In the vast ocean of the sea, the sand beneath the toes. An opportunity to turn off the world by watching the sunset.

And I saw it again in La Jolla – a beautiful little town on the Pacific coast just outside of San Diego.

At my hotel, the Hotel & # 39; Empress Hotel & # 39; part of the Greystone hotel properties throughout California, easy to find and close to La Jolla's main shopping street. I got up late at night and quickly went into my room. The touristy restaurant was still crowded with crowds and distant pistols, but in my room, it was calm and quiet.

I couldn't see much in the window of my hotel room, but I could hear the waves and the nearby meadow. A glass of wine before bed, I was satisfied and happy. In the sea, it is easy to settle.

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Over the next 3 days in La Jolla (long weekend long weekend), I had many opportunities to catch the famous La Jolla flags and flags, picturesque views, and other local attractions. The locals are quite large and this is reflected in the types of shops and restaurants in the city.

On a weekend trip, La Jolla offers the opportunity to live rich while on a budget. Like other Californian cities called & # 39; planetary shaking & # 39; (Palm Springs?), La Jolla has a lot to offer but there are also many ways to find just a relaxing, relaxing vacation. Below, my travel guide to La Jolla & weekend tips.

La Jolla Travel & Visibility Guide

What to do in La Jolla

La Jolla Coves

La Jolla is famous for its wildlife. The center of the main city is close to the edge of the ocean, with beautiful little ashes surrounded by rocky cliffs. It is a protected seawater, with reservoirs and underground caves, which is especially popular for smokers, divers, and qat users. But even if you decide not to go into the water, you may be able to walk on the rocky shoreline along with the seals and sea lions that call the area home.

Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Part of the University of California – San Diego, the public water bottle contains hundreds of species, including popular beaches on the seafront and at sea! Located at the top of the beach, from the outside, the glass also has a magnificent view of the beach.

Black Coast (gay beach)

A short drive from the downtown area of ​​La Jolla is famous Black Coast. While not exactly a gay beach, it is popular with many gay people from the region. That's because the most beautiful place at the bottom of the seafront, it's overcast, and the fact that it is informally naked beach.

Arriving & # 39; Black & # 39; s Coast & # 39; it is not easy, but it is also not as difficult as the other blogs are putting it. It is only a short walk down the aisle, but because of its & # 39; s boat, it is important to bring plenty of water and other necessities to the beach that you want to pack. The hardest part is the uptick in promotion. The Black Sea is beautiful and really worth the trip.

Where to eat or drink in La Jolla

Stone & Bell Cafe

Located near the highway, Brick & Bell Cafe is a local chain coffee shop and bistro. The La Jolla area has a sweet little park where you can literally see some of the dogs. Inside, homemade food and homemade desserts are delicious (but you can skip the sandwich & # 39;).

Girard Gourmet

Another small restaurant, Girard Gourmet is a bakery and bakery with beautiful treats. It's right on Girard Avenue (the main drag), so it's nice and a great place for a cup of coffee to relax while shopping. Their desserts were also specially decorated; they even sell sugar cookies in the way Trump dressed as a kid!

The coffee room

At the end of Girard Avenue, with views of the sea, the Bedroom serves as a coffee spot for the day, but in the evening bars (bringing wine from the balcony above). It's the perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend in La Jolla!

Manhattan Restaurant

La Jolla has many upscale activities, shops, and restaurants thanks to its expensive location and its history as a comfortable tourist destination. That's the best one to represent at Manhattan's top-tier restaurant – an upscale restaurant and restaurant that looks like it's an old stadium in New York City. Located in the lobby of the hotel & # 39; Empress Hotel & # 39 ;, the restaurant attracts a lot of local people (especially on Wednesdays when live music is done). Serving steak, seafood, and Italian food history, it is a comfortable and inviting atmosphere with extra bars and high quality food.

Where to stay at La Jolla

Hotel & # 39; Empress Hotel & # 39;

Part of the hotel team at Greystone, & # 39; Empress Hotel & # 39; is an independent building in the center of La Jolla, a short distance to the coast. The rooms are spacious and decorative as if you are at a beach house, which really enhances any type of beach vacation. It is a comfortable hotel and a small stadium is on the second floor where an artificial breakfast is served. Watch more photos here and find special deals for the Hotel & # 39; Empress Hotel (La Jolla).

La Jolla is a great weekend destination for those in Southern California. It has the charm of a great city, but its & # 39; s festival is worth staying on the beach and near the best beaches in California (Black & # 39; s Beach).

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