Sickness Monitoring Areas in the Protection of Homes, the Senate Bill

The Registrar of Registrar of State Regulatory Authority and Central Government Monitoring for the heating and maintenance work of the nursing home after the last few years, and called for the preparation of readiness measures on Friday.

Authorities at the Medicare and Medicaid Services Centers, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, who asked this question, say they are expecting the expectations of older homes to maintain emergency ambient temperatures. Officials also added that this week's interview was actively searching for recent disasters. But they have defended the preparation of new samples the health care providers' requirements, which are not under implementation until the season of great hurricane.

The Senate report, released on Friday from the Minimum Standing Committee of the Financial Institutions Committee, is coming a few weeks after several nursing homes in North Carolina and Florida flooded, lost power and relief supplies – after a storm. "Many of them are not equipped and deal with basic security threats," said Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon, who has been in charge of democracy, said interview.

Although the report noted that nursing homes were adequate after the hurricane in Florida and Texas ended last year, they concluded that the traumatic situation "caused the lack of adequate regulations, unplanned planning and communications, and Going to the possibility of the administration of managers. "

The new law requires elderly homes to work with local and regional authorities and other community organizations to help protect vulnerable people in emergencies. But the senate report claims that the rules, which began the development of George W. Bush, were concluded in the last days of the White House White House, leaving the threats of life.

After questioning last year by the Economic Committee, overseeing Medicare, the agency said it would issue recommendations to clarify the "expectations for temperature control" in emergency situations, including the use of catchable generators. They have not done so.

Senate investigation raised the death penalty The Hollywood Hills Refinery, which lost the natural air conditioning in the air when Hurricane Irma hit Florida. The local health inspector decided that deaths associated with the heat of dozens of people were sufficiently severe. Many victims also encountered heat related diseases.

Florida immediately stepped up the need for nursing homes to get enough electricity and fuel to maintain the safe temperature during the electricity, but there are no national requirements.

Writing ups for teens may be more sensitive to Florida, but it may not be significant for Montana, he said. Kate Goodrich, head of the Medicare Center and Medicaid Services, adding that other sources of energy would be cost-effective.

When the air has failed, the Hollywood Hills Center uses refrigeration, which has increased temperatures continuously through the heat of summer heat, according to expert expert on case handling with the Florida State Medical Agency . Representatives from the home have defended their actions, saying they have requested to help restore the capacity of the officers including Gov. Rick Scott. The government said the apartment should be inhabited by residents when the situation became unsafe.

The Senate report calls for federal, state and local officials to warn homeowners about the risk of flooding in the installation sites, and recommends that the pilots work electricity companies to prioritize the ability to rebuild power.

Older and older adults are particularly vulnerable to the effects of heat and cold. The nursing home in Puerto Rico also met the heat after Hurricane Maria last year.

The highlights of the report are designed to update their "high levels of comfort" levels of home nursing level for research assistants showing that the effects of heat in the body depend on the heat level, which is suitable for moisture.

For nearly thirty years, long-term care facilities need to maintain a temperature between 71 and 81 degrees.

Although the outdoor temperature was significantly lower than 82 degrees before the local population began killing Hollywood Hills, the moisture felt close to 90 degrees overseas, according to the Senate report.

Medicare officials said the current temperature conditions proved that they were adequate and used during disaster periods, although not specifically stated in the Emergency Preparedness Act. "Now we have several stages, and it looks like it's a good thing based on our experience," said Brandt.

The Senate exam also mentioned other issues. Authorities have received complaints about 38 Texas nurses and 42 Florida after the storm last year. Nearly all homes were inspected, and more than a quarter of them were seen to be poor or inappropriate in federal terms.

Researchers have called for urgent initiatives to inform staff nurses and health centers to re-examine and approve qualified prosecutors, step looga require all states.

Senior Care Centers, a nurse and owner of two properties in Port Arthur, Tex, flash floods brought looga needed help from the rain last year, planned plans call for residents to be relocated to other areas of the company. But other centers are far from 200 miles out of the ambulance, according to the Senate report. Emergency plans also define the meaning of the hour of harassment and misinterpretation. The company, whose site has received restrictions on the unusual care of Texas medical providers, did not respond to a request for comment.

Domestic nursing managers also need better guidance to reach a difficult decision to leave or shelter ahead of flooding or flooding events, the report says. She suggested that prosecutors need to go to "educate professionals in a structured way."

An indication of the political timelines, the home nursing home report was released from the small number of financial staff members, although the investigation started with a letter signed by Mr. Lawyer. Wyden and Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah were nominated for a Senegalese senate and the Democratic Republic of the state of Florida.