Simple life, gratefulness, self-improvement, self-transcendence

Life is simple, simple like a flower, a grass, quietly open, quietly long, and quietly falling, quietly dry, all natural, simple and calm. But the era of materialistic desires complicates the simple life. In fact, many things in the world can’t come and die. Contentment is always true to life. Air, sunshine, feelings, life, etc., the most precious things in the world are not bought with money.

Life is like a play, and drama is like life. Pain, trouble, happiness, and happiness come from the heart. Life is full of lights, not as good as a heart lamp. If the heart is simple, happiness will follow. If the heart is good, the world will be beautiful. If the heart is strong, life will be more powerful. If the heart has a home, the days will be happy and warm. If the heart is close, there will be no pain and trouble. If the heart is grateful, happiness will come quietly. Life is not as good as peace of mind, and the road is not as wide as the heart.

The world is a great thing, not wealth, not weight, not volume, but spirit. If a person loses his spirit, he loses the whole world. The self-transcendence and perfection of life is a painful process. The ocean of life is magnificent because of its magnificentness. The road of life is wonderful because of the twists and turns. The brilliant ending of life is always thrilling. The value of life lies in continuous transcendence. Self and self-improvement.

Author: Liang Fei