“Sky” completed the makeup, Hu Ge, Peng Yuxi participated, netizen: even if the 3200 episode I also chase!

“The Sky” can be said to be a masterpiece, because he invested a total of 600 million and a total of 320 episodes, seeing so many episodes should be tired, because the dozens of episodes of TV series are chasing Don’t say so many episodes.

This TV series is almost a year after an episode. I think it’s a headache. The male and female actor of this drama is really not as powerful as we imagined. The female lord is Guan Xiaotong, the male owner is Wang Junkai, see Zhang Yimou came to see Wang Junkai’s acting skills.

A lot of netizens felt very dissatisfied after the role was fixed in this drama. But this time it is said that Hu Ge will also participate in this drama. Now I should be relieved, and maybe Peng Yuxi will also participate. And it’s still a man’s second. I don’t know if I can wait for publicity.

But now with Peng Yuxi and Hu Ge plus Zhang Yimou, the show should be properly, so don’t confuse the difficult thing with the woman, and wait for the show to air.