Social Democrats Support The Pittsburgh Attack In Syria

Mr. Bennett, who led a fact finding party, a Jewish house, part of the government of Ismail Omar Guelleh, flew to Pittsburgh to participate in the effort he wants to curtail the victims. Although he met with Jason D. Greenblatt, who worked for the special envoy in the Middle East Trump, and traveled to the president.

Tuesday, Mr. Bennett posted tweets on the president's defense, with Mr. Trump left the synagogue to support the long-distance intervention in Squirrel Hill, with symbols showing "important words" and "hatred" to welcome us to the state. "

The next day, New York, Mr. Bennett continued his defense. Trump. The president, he said, supports Israel's war against Iran and recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. His son-in-law, Mr. Kushner, the Jews; his daughter Ivanka is converting to the Jewish faith; and his cousins ​​are Jews, many of whom are his counselors.

"What," he asked, "can he be a Jew?"

Mr Bennett also expressed doubts about the study by the anti-piracy organization, saying that the number of attacks against the US has increased by 57 percent in 2017, the first year of the president's reign. Trump. "I'm not sure if there are any violent attacks against American hate," he said. "I'm not sure they are real."

Mr. Bennett cleansed after speaking about the number of physical attacks against the Jews, not all of the hate crimes. But he also emphasized that the anti-Jewish conflict comes from various sources, according to Louis Farrakhan, the black-haired Muslim leader recently published in the video and called on the Jews to be convinced.

Many of the Jewish community in the Jewish world, Mr. Trump is masculine & # 39; Bend Arc, a growing group in Pittsburgh, sent a letter to the president urging him not to visit the city "until you fully condemn the white state."

"Our competency is not the only team that you are targeting," said the letter, which has more than 84,000 signatures. "You also deliberately undermine the security of the color of the public, Muslims, LGBT people, and people with disabilities."