“Social New Eyes” was expelled from the dinner party? Just because of the farewell to my colleagues? Netizen: Be careful

Every company will actually face the employee’s resignation or resignation. Colleagues leave the company together. It’s normal to eat a loose meal. Recently, some netizens broke the news and were resigned because of this meal. Netizen: Isn’t it just a meal?

Users “No big deal 101” Posting: I learned that a colleague of the company has to leave and To leave Hangzhou, several of our small partners who have left the company will rarely get together to eat a meal and make a circle. Then the company’s boss saw it and shouted in the company group to let the party participate in the dinner. The person actively submits the resignation report.

Do you post this post, which shocked many netizens and posted a lot of netizens I made an idea, saying: Let the boss tell why he eliminated you, find him to pay compensation, etc., even more netizens posted the rules of the Labor Law, so that netizens who posted can protect themselves by legal means.

Some netizens said that they were very puzzled, saying that they had resigned two days ago. Colleagues eat together, K songs, play mahjong! Also said: This boss is too careful, but also some netizens ask: Is it a bad thing to say when the dinner is held, the boss knows.

I don’t know if you think the boss should have eaten a meal with a departing employee. Was expelled?