Specialized & # 39; Patio Apartment & # 39; created by RAS · A special place in the community

The suburbs of the city Vila do Conde, Portuguese, designers and designers RAS · A had the opportunity to transform a part of a newly constructed building into a suitable parking space called & # 39; Patio Apartment & # 39 ;!

What makes the opportunity for the building to look like this is the fact that the apartment building was actually created was going through their building when they chose the space. This means that the walls, rooms, and spaces were destroyed, relocated, and rebuilt in a larger building, meaning that the site selected by the group was subject to change.

Instead of being restricted to working only on certain points, drought-affected building groups have the unique opportunity to modify their physical structure and all rooms fit the owners' view. The house sits at the top of the building, so the opportunity to create a private social space to give the owners wonderful views was there.

For starters, the plan was to create four spacious bedrooms that friends or family could share comfortably, revealing more social spaces designed to connect without having to offer private spaces entirely. The designers also wanted to create a home with spaces that are beyond the average living standard, which is where the whole concept is built inside a building that is already relevant.

In the end, the new apartment has been set in a wonderful expansion space that they would never have found! This gives the owners a beautiful outdoor life, a relaxing, and fun place that also has beautiful views of the city. The bedroom is set in a central location, which is unique to a house unit, with a kitchen, dining room, and bedroom all around.

Having an internal social openness in the home arranged in a circular or pattern-like manner around an outdoor community creates a kind of combination of open spaces. The purpose of the core of the house where they become residents enjoy time together, they make room for the last layer, slightly higher than the private, individual houses as everyone says.

Enhancing the space using this is a real and effective way of living in a small space. Instead of making the bedrooms feel like a boat, the strategic part of the space further defines the areas of the home in a sense that goes well. Easy access to social networking at any time, but also the ability to get out of one quiet and personal space really enhances a positive sense of belonging to others, reducing tension and creating a cohesive and sustainable system.

As the team of designers & # 39; s able to demonstrate the relevance of the construction process itself, they were also able to take advantage of the appropriate access to site materials. This re-enactment really helped to reduce the production of garbage throughout the building and made the process of selecting materials and delivering the cheapest, quickest, and most efficient site possible.

Design teams have chosen to make the surface of a lot of home and come out of white money, painting the walls and ceiling to match each other. The effect was an open and cheerful atmosphere filled with natural sunlight and a clean white surface. The house is also dominated by natural wood floors, creating a dialogue that compares all the pristine white we have just talked about.

Taken together, the neutral color scheme of stability and texture gave the home a climate-like atmosphere. The decorating groups took this idea one step further, adding a comfortable lounge in the living room surrounded by a socially appropriate living room. Some green, green on the outside and in the communal areas in the natural sense of comfort at home, as well as the inclusion of a small old like a light a fire in one corner.

Photos are made by mal o menos