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Stockholm is a big city but it has a beautiful type of beautiful surroundings of the sea, the world restaurants and designs-it's different than anything in Europe. The capital city has the safety, history and culture of Scandinavian.

While there are many things to do, places to eat, and to stay in hotels, Stockholm city is unacceptable and explore. During my last visit to Stockholm, Berns Hotel, where I can recommend!

Here is my experience at the Berns Hotel in Stockholm!

Berns Hotel

When its doors opened in 1989, the Berns Hotel was encouraged in large cities such as Milan and New York. When the hotel was built 30 years ago, they only settled in 65 rooms.

For many years it has attracted international attention and eventually expanded to 82 rooms today.

One of my favorite restaurants in the hotel is to take care of it. They have chosen to collaborate with the Green Key program and should meet specific standards to consider couples.

Generally it is food, sleep, the nature of party events. There are two parties, two restaurants, and 4 bars (including VIP only), so people come here for a good time.

Berns Hotel

As we mentioned, there are now 82 human-human penalties, all of which are clever. You have several options when choosing the type of room you want, as there are 8 total. It includes:

  • Level Two
  • Level Two
  • High
  • Deluxe
  • Deluxe Balcony
  • Toes
  • Robert Berns Suite
  • Clock Suite

All rooms include modern touch, free WiFi, mini bar, and a very good bed. If you want a VIP experience, you will need to be at Robert Berns Suite or Clock Suite.

I'm staying Robert Berns Suite (which is like an apartment). Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce and others stay here!

Food & Drink

On Berns, you can put your coffee in the morning by using a porch, by drinking the Mirror Bar cocktail and enjoying it as royalty in the red belt. There are two restaurants that you enjoy.

At Berns Asiatic, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was the first restaurant in Sweden in 1944. Restaurants are popular with locals and tourists, especially outside of bigger food, the restaurant itself is beautiful, it has finished stacks.

The second meal of food, though in the hotel, is the next door. Calle P consists of a delicious, bar, and free space to enjoy things like duck, bass, pork, and more.

If you want the ice skating, Bar 606 is one of the VIP locations in Stockholm, as well as a great location. It's only open during the summer months when the weather is hot.

Stockholm nightclub

Nightlife at Berns Hotel

Okay, well. So you think you want to hear the party now, right? Hotel Berns did a fantastic job of marketing with a boom in the nightlife.

It has two club clubs, NEU and LE! NEU focuses on EDM and laser effects by visiting anyone 23rd and older on Friday and Saturday from midnight to 5am.

LE! On the other hand, it is a two-story entertainment with lots of songs and complex sounds. It is also 23 years old and older on Friday and Saturday 11th to 4am.

The two camping sites were known to build a great name that has been decorated in beautiful scenery.


With your stay at the Berns Hotel, your clubs include:

  • Room service
  • Bartender-room room
  • Minibar
  • Full daily newspapers
  • Water Supplier
  • Netflix, HBO, Spotify, and so on.
  • WiFi is free of charge
  • Free newsletters


Although you may not think that Stockholm is a place to be seen at the next destination, the presence of Hotel Berns will change your mind at all. And you can not forget the tastes and almost all of them there, including the big city!

Have you ever stayed at the Berns Hotel in Stockholm?