Steve King, of course, faces the Battle for House Seat in Iowa

DES MOINES – Steve King's Representative, from the Republic of Iowa, is a racist remark, hoping to win his last victory on Tuesday, just as his predecessor.

Without the radio, TV and debate, the main presence of the campaign was a website that specializes in advertisement advertisers with negative reactions.

But unexpectedly, Pittsburgh's incitement in radicalism against the anti-Semite and Mr. King's latest words, in the neo-Nazis publication, have combined to add a play to the re-election order.

President of the Republic of Jamhuuri, Ohio Representative Michael Starr, has strongly condemned the murder of a journalist. King this week. Mr. Sterville said recently that it had published stories and lyrics produced by Mr. King, including the Toronto Candidate Candidate who first read the 14th-character No-Nazis, was a hate crime.

"We must stand up for all cadres and hatred, and strongly condemn this behavior," Mr. Stivers writes.

Mr. Des Moines on Thursday King responded furiously when he accused him of sharing the same idea of ​​Pittsburgh, claiming that the man suggested the proposal to quit a contest.

According to King King's heat, his campaign released the first TV broadcast on Friday. (It seemed to show a decent and credible rebuilding campaign 2014)

On Monday, the public showed Monday that Mr King was leading his team, J.D. Scholten, one point. After a press release from social media, the money was poured into Mr. Scholten from the country: $ 641,000 for 48 hours, his campaign said he was enough to start the 90th second television station, creating farmers, mothers and other campaigners in the campaign. King.

Three major agricultural businesses – Land O & # 39; Lakes, Purina and Smithfield – have announced that they will not continue supporting them. King because the tradition did not represent the value. AT & T announced Friday that the management of the management management staff received the political political decision that they have not made for future generations.

Douglas Burns, owner of The Carroll Daily Times Herald and other newspapers Mr. King has been heavily opposed to the district, which won 27 trophies for President Trump, saying the Republican base is still under way. King, still loves to win. But Mr. Scholten was the first democratic Democratic leader who did not seem to be as mature as his predecessor. Mr Scholten, 38, is the fifth generation of Iowan and former footballer who works for football, not ideas.

"I think the Scholten power is an acceptable place in many respects of the Republic of Tajikistan and the independent republic to build a stronger voice," Mr Berlusconi said. Burns said.

He added that Mr. King walked to "the youngest & youngest campaigns he had seen. "King is a natural political animal, it would be the debate of Scholten, but he ignores it."

Mr. Walcott, opposite Mr King, Mr. Scholten, the 39th RV renowned "Sioux City Sue", for Gene Autry, sleeping in the sleeping night of Walmart, accusing them of being self-indulgent citizens on behalf of white people.

"People have been angry over the King for many years but they have not had anyone else to trust them," he said. Scholten, demanded from RV on Friday. "That is why we have done such a kind of effort to go on." He stops in the city center to meet with voters on both sides of the city hall and attract fans.

The issues he / she are talking about are the high cost of healthcare and the sustainable youth development.

"Every time I fill the RV gas there is a lot of cash box for someone who has been sick or injured," he said. "We live in the richest countries in the world, and people have to demand that they pay for their health."

In the past, Ain is located in the District of District Four, or ignored Mr. King's arguments about non-legal and Muslim immigrants who are attracted to anarchy in the nation. He was Jamhuri whose views on abortion, taxation and forest rights have been observed in the northwest of Iowa, the state's most important state. Two years ago, it was re-elected for a second time with 22 points.

Senator Charles E. Grassley, the chief executive of Iowa, declined to comment. King on Friday stopped a campaign campaign for another home in the Republic of Jamhuur, David Young's agent. "I do not want to give you any words that can address the importance of the re-election of Young," he said.

Nancy Trapolino, a 34-year-old mother of two children from Arcadia, Iowa, who runs family farming business, said she is likely to vote for Mr. King to protect the Republic of the House of the People. She agreed with tax deductions last year and priorities of the other Republic.

"I did not find anyone who opposed Steve King who gave me much hope," she said. "I think Republican Republic is important to reach some of its goals."

When asked to comment on the supporters of the enemy, she said: "I can not support Steve's racist statements, it makes me sad."

"You have done this; We do not play this game in Iowa," he said.

Friday, Mr. Scholten said his election in the country is showing him behind Mr. The King of the survey shows a 1-point challenge, but he is happy to raise the identity of his name, which is a challenge for his campaign.

"We can say that there is a need for the District of the fourth district, which is a new disciplinary leadership, one of the enemies of racism and racial," he said.