Stock market analysis: Q2 food and beverage positions increase!

Compared with q1, food and beverage holdings rose, q4, q1, q2 “v” type, Maotai positions reached a new high;

ranked by the number of holding funds, in addition to market value leading Maotai Wuliangye Yili, the real estate wine representatives all entered the top 15, Yanghe shares, Gujing tribute wine, mouth , today’s world, have gained significant increase in holdings, the number of holding funds increased significantly; the second high-end and Wuliangye obtained a certain reduction, holding The number of funds has rebounded slightly, still lower than the fourth quarter; high-quality food stocks Fuling mustard, Zhongju high-tech (both are the first varieties of Anxin), and Angel Yeast have gained more than Q1.

It can be seen that the liquor Q2 jiacang is mainly a more fundamental wine. We believe that the Q1 report of the real estate wine exceeded expectations, making the jiacang basically completed in Q2. With the Q2 market research on real estate wine and the mid-term report continue, the real estate wine has maintained a strong position. (Author: Sue five love songs)