Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects creates modern and inspirational Striking Contemporary Home in Texas

In a beautiful neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, the creative and design teams at Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects recently completed a beautiful, modern home inspired by the arts and the beautiful natural surroundings. The house is named after Striking Contemporary Home in its unique style!

The house incorporates the unique backdrops into the rustic chic concept as they are uniquely blended in style and texture. Each room and the structure of the house itself was created using modern and architectural styles, but also made using natural materials, natural materials, and raw materials, which build relationships with the same land. and forms the basis of the whole concept of natural life.

Home also stresses the idea of ​​integrating outdoor life experiences. Because the room was selected to be lucky enough to have a wonderful natural environment, the designers wanted to make sure the family living there enjoyed it as much as possible. Large glass windows and large windows break down the physical barriers between the interior and the exterior, while several glass sliding doors actually open the body to most rooms with beautiful windows, balconies, and courtyards.

This no-nonsense atmosphere coupled with the fact that the main social rooms feature the beautiful rooftop terraces makes the home feel even more spacious with its two-dimensional landscape. The presence of stone on texture and structural details, as well as the natural elements of wood and furniture, the relationship lies in the magnificent landscape beyond the large windows, again visually incorporating the interior features of the home around it.

All of this, of course, happens in a house with a modern tree-like structure. This structure and its existence is a beautifully decorated floor (which it is a natural object but appearing at the high end of a bright and bright) creates modern roots throughout the room in which the most natural and natural elements compare and contrast beautifully.

Besides being beautifully appealing, the home of the house is also unique in the way it was collected and tasted. Instead of importing counterfeit or synthetic products or using only the products they purchased elsewhere, design teams did their best to use local natural products and recycled them. retrieve relevant items wherever possible, keeping them in the closest location.

Designing a home was another intentional item for comfort and family connection. In addition to the consistency of coloring and decorative structures, the physical and visual features that flow within each other give the feel of a comfortable environment of connection and entry. Here and there, colorful jerseys of the same kind of piece of artwork that inspired the contemporary aspects of the home style and dramatically pull it off, the focus of interest when someone passes from room to room.

Wherever the house you choose to sit in, a small amount of sunlight can reach every corner of happiness and uplift. High quality UV protection for stained glass windows and doors will prevent rooms from getting too hot, but the open concept of spaces allows the light to shine beautifully in the home.

Perhaps our favorite expression of the house is the pool. Instead of building a classic style and large pool area that you can probably see in a friend's garden, designers chose to view this one as a lot of water, offering unique stone boundaries and unique steps at a time. end either in the large pool or hot tub and on the relaxing section. The pool is built into a beautifully decorated space with plenty of seating for guest guests.

Photos by Photographer Nathan Schroder