Studio 30 Architects replaces Victorian homes as a new home called Coach House

In a beautiful, beautiful monarch village, designer designs Studio 30 Architects have renewed the construction and renovation of the Victorian building and the construction of the library in modern and modern homes suitable for modern families.

In addition to the renovation of the home and surrounding buildings, designers also go to & # 39; suggest that they increase the space for the family to go to the room. One of the key targets for the renewal was to open an open space to release the natural light in each room, since the early Victorian foundations were blacker than most people Let's prefer now.

While the need to renovate parts of the home, other aspects are kept in their original condition and improved. This helped protect the history of the weather and the fact about this place, the home improvement in another way. For example, guests are now coming home to the renovated new home, offering a listening experience to restore original decor and home movements.

This change of entry is a singular choice, but also serves as a motive of action; the new entry into the front door creates a little more outside the public road. The front door of the door has now been replaced by the firing of firewood and wood burning inside!

In the house, it has been opened in the framework of the new way of adding windows to open the door for light and light mirrors. For example, kitchen and food waste, for example, is the open idea of ​​the road, and this area is also open to the new garden and the small garden.

The biggest repairs of the building would have to be removed from the spatial wall of the house and the home of the teacher, and in both locations it would be one of the two places to be allocated to the family with a huge space. This policy acts as a realistic extension that does not need to be constructed as a new home remodel.

Moving towards the back of the house, the surface was added to the new windows and tried to flush into a part of the black house with a dark sunshine. This process helped with the push-pulled jacket and closing doors, each of which breaks the barriers between interior and exterior gardens.

To create a modern home without distracting the appearance of the street and making the home show, the designers have chosen to safeguard specific things as near as possible as possible, as long as they do so was an activity. For example, rather than simply changing the seats on the ground, the clones have chosen to raise, install and install modern refrigeration, refinement, and bring them back to a very difficult place as they sat before. These similarities have created a unique dialogue between modern design and the history of the building.

Photos with Salt