Studio Loft Design Design by Architeture + Zaas

Studio Loft is a beautiful and beautiful visual design + Zaas is a Turkish rehabilitation project involving the construction of the old and new buildings in the new visual and artistic building.

What is possible to change this change from the computer, the private sector, and the art of the arts is to benefit from the new building, rather than the basic building, rather than eliminating or changing the entire structure. Because it is located in the busy local area of ​​the surrounding area, the redevelopment targets include renovation of space to produce more productive products, but also should be done without interruption. no green streets outdoors.

Although the visual aspects of the site's role in the site were the main priorities, the designers agreed that the homeowner has a lot of power and should be prepared and adjusted in such a way that it can be used as a whole much more. Although it is was As a result of the creation of the Consumer, a well-known photographer in Izmir, both can live and work comfortably, all parties have quickly agreed that the concept of artistic perception can be part of important for its purpose.

Inside, the ground floor is built to meet all the needs of a studio studio, which has extra bonus for the exhibition show, which means that the client can show his work but hosting events to highlight other artistic works. Highly, however, is designed specifically for a specific purpose never found in your ordinary studio. In the high crime, visitors will find a vacuum in a office, a full party, a sleepy jacket, and a restored area. The whole area has an amazing atmosphere of productive work and self care.

Because of the original goal of the position was to reinforce creative photography sites, the high floor still has a dry place that might serve as a workplace. This is one of the reasons why the flat building in the original home was true; Rooms allow work, life, and space shows to integrate in a structured and integrated way. It is a lot of truthful devices that have a good environment that works in the flow and flow of life, work, and goals and needs of each one.

To dramatically reinforce the presentation of a new studio in the new studio, designers have made sure the beautiful walls of the open space open to the bottom of the pedestrian street. This creates a unique philosophy of internal business with an outdoor area outside the bustling road and will play in the interests of the people who have a vibrant space. Closure door closures are setting the boundaries of the public once again to live in an open space when needed. This liquid form also gives advertisements a comfortable environment, social spaces rather than dense, formal, and excluded from the world as the beauty of the arts.

Photos: Emin Emrah Yence