Stunning Stones worked at Rustic Home by Dillard-Jones Builders and turned into a beautiful family retreat.

Located in the beautiful sunny and sunny areas of Keowee Springs in South Carolina, an innovative design and design team at the Dillard-Jones Builders recently completed a comfortable, family-friendly Rustic Home!

More specifically, this beautiful home is in a small quiet community called The Cliffs. It is a spacious two-storey building and is specifically designed with a focus on outdoor experiences, guest entertainment, and mindfulness, as well as exploring the tranquility of nature.

One of the most important structures that enables an outdoor living space is a high-floor balcony with a beautiful view, the floor which creates a beautiful pool in the lower level. Each of these locations provides a storage area for all outdoor activities, as well as comfortable family-friendly spaces and any potential guests.

If you are spending time on the top floor or basement, you will find that each has a magnificent view thanks to how small the top of the house is. This beautiful outdoor area overlooks the lake lake which was the first picture of designers and owners alike, allowing visitors to see the boats and get fresh water from the bottom. The whole place is very beautiful indeed!

Inside the house, the living and social spaces look as vibrant and comfortable as the outdoor, but with a more warm and cozy feel. The purpose was to force the decorative feel of the structure through all the modern stages of modern life that feel connected and meaningful, rather than the cutting or matching of the whole house. The finished product is chic chic but also beautiful in a way that creates a relaxed atmosphere instead.

Like the open spaces that live on the plains, the interior of the house has less waterfall views. In each room, the large windows made of bright, UV-resistant glass (which prevents them from getting too hot) provide all kinds of happy natural light but also a good view of the beauty of the Lake Hello.

On the other side of the house overlooking the covered garden, an outdoor lounge area that is specially designed for relaxing comes out. The blue area is covered with large windows in the area to add comfort and warmth and to define its boundaries. On the one hand, the entire outdoor dining room adds even more to the family's daily activities to the outdoor space and brings even more draws for guests to dinner.

Across the social space as well as the private and guest rooms, the ceiling is elevated above all the home furnishings and creates a sense of expansiveness that extends beyond the striking visuals of home decor. The selection of furniture, which varies with wood, large, and a beautifully decorated look and many home features such as bedding boards, builds a sense of comfort and diversity.

Inside and outside, fireplaces play a major role in the comfort of a home. Beautiful central rooms are becoming the focus of several dorms, creating a comfortable central enclosure that helps sit around them more often than they would have been if they didn't produce an extra heat source. These also add another great sense of humor.

Two basic elements of the home for both bedrooms and social spaces contribute to the uncontrollable mix of interior and exterior. These are the constant mixture of stonework on all walls throughout the interior and on that face, as well as the presence of large doors lying back to remove the physical obstacles between the indoor and new country air on warm days.

Photos taken by Inspiro 8