Suzuki works in the third Gujarat tree in 2020; motor vehicles

Suzuki Motor Corp announced on Friday that it will hand over Gujarat in the summer of 2020 and will launch new cars in India with technical support from Toyota.

Speaking at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Conference, while President Suzuki Motors (SMC) president Toshihiro Suzuki also sought political support from the government to invest in the areas of motor vehicles and electricity.

SMC is investing in Gujarat regularly. The first Suzuki Motor Gujarat car was opened in September 2017, he said.

"The second plant will start shortly afterwards, and we plan to transport it to the third plant in 2020," Suzuki said.

In a statement released on Friday, SMC said it launched its Swift development from Gujarat.

Following the three plants, the Suzuki Motor Gujarat production capacity will increase to about 7.50 units, he said.

The company will also start production of the machinery and equipment industry in the region soon, he added.

Suzuki said he will be able to "give us the fruit of the Gujarat car". and the government becomes "very, very important for the Suzuki club's production site".

SMC is also building a lithium-ion petroleum petroleum petroleum petroleum petroleum petrol station in the region.

"Apart from oil-lithium target, we will build the rest of the electronics looga needed," he added.

When it is said that motor and electric cars are the same, Suzuki said he will first block parts of the hybrid cars and then electric cars.

Stressing that the goal of SMC is to succeed in realizing India to work on electrical equipment, he said, "With a strong political policy from the Indian government, we can discuss together how to raise our investments and deepening in our environment. "

Acknowledging that the car industry is now entering a major change, Suzuki said, "In all, we fully recognize the challenge will be to reduce CO2 emissions in order to prevent heating looga international."

SMC is doing this on various issues, he said, adding that despite the fact that one of the declining CO2 emissions decreases, we have decided to reach the 2020 Electricity Industries.

India's Maruti Suzuki India has tested the 50th Electric Power Plant in the country.

Suzuki also said that it is important to use existing technology, including electric cars to reduce CO2 emissions.

"In terms of India, we strongly believe that cars and CNGs are the best solution, the quickest results," he said.

Replying to the speed of communication technology, the SMC said "will introduce the delicate vehicles of the aggression to a technical engineer from the Toyota Motor Corporation."