Tacuri House by Gabriel Rivera is a completely open space in the Ecudaor area

On the outskirts of Quito, in Ecuador's sun, the new Tacuri house was created by Gabriel Rivera with an open minded idea of ​​the mind of the mind.

In addition to its appearance, one of the most interesting facts about Tacuri's home was that it completely built up the trees already in its territory. It was not just a tree that fell into the structure of the building. In contrast, the architects guarded the plants already and carefully worked on them without badness or their roots.

In particular, Tacuri House (known as Casa Tacuri & # 39;) is located in a small church called & # 39; Nayon & # 39; This city is known as the largest and most extensive of its universal view of the Cumbaya Valley, as well as the Algarrobo plant, in particular in the area. These plants attract a lot of melons, which makes the city feel natural in nature even though the fact is actually a few minutes away from a big city.

In addition to working trees often called their home, Tacuri House is also aware of the ground, continuing to develop ways to respect the natural habitat. The privately-owned flats consisting of three-dimensional whole, well-organized around mid-level. These figures depend on the covered tracks.

The home side of the house will create beautiful colors and dresses because of the way they made of concrete and wood. Part of the house has been made of a beautiful and clean glass made of black iron.

At the first floor of the house, on the far side, the lower floor provides residents with cars behind the rear of the car park near the street. A high level flight design with stairwells, designers laid out in the area of ​​food, living room, and kitchen with the highest level of construction. Here, a portion of the ceiling has been raised and a clean window is connected to the natural sun.

The first part of the building is the housing complex with all private parts. The science room is located at the highest level here, while the second floor of the second volume offers a two-lane bedroom and gym. The highest room in the courtyard has the beautiful surrounding area surrounded by large open space. Because they sit on the top of the house, the windows of the suite gives you the impression that you're really sleeping in the trees.

The third and the smallest room is on the back of the palace. Here, you will find a few beautiful natural beauty. The body of the atmosphere is light and warm. As in other rooms, it has a tangible effect, wooden leather, and several modern locations in strategic locations to capture the eye. Window lid can be removed from window glasses all over the house.

Pictures made by Bicubik